Thursday, August 11, 2011

Can't Take the Heat? Stay Out of the, uh... Texas

It's really pretty hot. No one is exaggerating.

We are on day 26 of the hottest hot streak in Austin HISTORY. Our drought map is getting redder and redder. We have loose, wily lady bison right down the road. The snakes are restless. Thirsty bears are killing people. We have rolling blackouts. Because we're not allowed to water enough, the ground is shifting and pipes are breaking.

Seriously, it's hot.

We'll just be down here eating pickles and ice chips if you need anything from Texas.

Today's Ways To Use It Challenge, oddly enough, was HEAT.

I got this one!!

One thing we really can't do right now is any extraneous baking. There's already an 8-10 degree difference in our house between what the thermostat is set on and what the actual temperature is. The oven just makes that worse.

So, to be able to make a nice, warm homemade meal or bake cookies, would really make me feel like I was Queen for the Day! As it is, I need an oven mitt to open my car door. So this card was begging to come to life.
Stamps: You're a Gem, Now You're Cookin', House & Home Paper: Whisper White
 Ink: Poppy Parade, Pool Party, Basic Black Accessories: Dimensionals, Corner Rounder

Stay cool peeps!


  1. You make me LOL - I love you! Cute card!!

  2. if it weren't for all the cool people down in Texas, the temps would be even higher. Helps them to "ebere" the heat.

  3. hit the nail on its melty head! I have officially gone into "cave mode" at our house, with the blinds all shut in an attempt to keep some of the cool in.

    Love the card! You know, you can always just put the cookie sheet outside and bake a tasty afternoon treat that way!

  4. I'm in San Antonio and it's just as hot here, OMG!!! That's Texas for ya, LOL!!! Cute card!!!

  5. I agree, just a tiny bit. ;) Miss you.

    Said with a summer cold- "I drobe on betric blvd. today and was blindsided by a bassive Back truck."

  6. Yikes!!! We had a lot of water pipes break in the abnormal freeze last year, but I can't imagine it EVER being hot enough here to cause the same problem.
    An oven mitt to open your car door, LOL. Maybe the answer is to move your kitchen out there and fry an egg on the roof too :D.

  7. And you want me to move to TX? Sooooo not.

    wv: colistr
    when two peeps list something for sale, you have the listr and the colistr.

  8. Lovely card! Sure hope you and your fellow texans get a break from the heat soon.

  9. I like hot weather but Texas is beyond hot. I feel sorry for all the residents who have to deal with this, including the animals. I hope you get rain and get it soon.

  10. Well, Hon, since I live in SE TX, can't get out of the oven. You best believe I haven't cooked all summer except outside early in the am. With gas stove this house would be soooo HOT. We have been having cold foods and going out which is a blast for me because don't like to cook anyway, LOL. Cute card, now set a slice of cool watermelon on it lol.

  11. Girl, I'm just a wee bit north of you in Waco, and we're on day #44 of triple digit temps. It's madness I tell you! Too hot to even jump in the pool.

  12. you crack me up! Awesome CAS card!

  13. Well, it is a nice cool card.... That blue really brings the card temp down. I'll use one of my 3 wishes to get you some rain soon.

    WV: myystin
    Myystin-gy child won't let me take his picture anymore.


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