Wednesday, August 17, 2011

They're Selling Victory Tape at the Grocery Store

You know I have issues with the grocery store. It starts in the parking lot, which I've discussed. Then, inside the store there are multiple challenges. There are the yogurt stockers. The maddening, maddening yogurt stockers. There are the people who crawl inside my shirt and breathe on me while I'm checking out. And, for a final insult, there are the bag boys. As I write this, I realize I almost have as many posts about the grocery store as I do stamping and Caturday. It's a bad, bad place.

But yesterday - yesterday was disturbing.

I was shipping out stampy prizes and ran out of packing tape, so I headed for the grocery store. In the school supply aisle, past the grumpy moms with their school supply lists, I fought my way to the tape section.

Where I found George Orwell.

Yes. You're not imagining things. Apparently the government has started manufacturing and selling TAPE. I'm actually quite surprised that it's not called Victory Tape. Was the private sector not doing an adequate job with tape? Are we not closing post offices faster than you can say postal? Is there a reason that the ONLY packing tape available in my grocery store is a 3 roll pack of the worst quality flimsy, useless government tape? I'm astonished. I guess we are still at war with Eurasia. Or is it East Asia? Guess I better get my jumpsuit on and sit in front of the telescreen and find out what's next. Before that happens, I will go hoard real tape that works and put it with my incandescent light bulbs I guess.

To go with my poorly taped packages, I needed cards.

I've been feeling kind of CAS lately - it's hard to create with warm colors when it's so hot out, so I've been drawn to crispy whites.

For this puppy, I scored three lines with the Simply Scored, and then just stamped Kindness Matters and colored the central butterfly with colored pencils, blending them with Zest-It®.
It's hard to see in the main pic, but I added Dazzling Details to the butterfly and it's so sparkly!

I hope Big Brother lets us keep our glitter. Even Victory Glitter would be better than no glitter at all.


  1. This makes me giggle. LOTS. I loathe the grocery store. But I seriously love that card, and that stamp set. It rocks!

  2. You are just suffering so terribly! The unfairness of it all!!!!
    Come have a cookie.
    Did you get any rain yet? We haven't.

  3. Government tape is completely quatlych. (I envision this as being a word that means 'lacking in quality.')
    I also feel the urge to hoard incandescent light bulbs. My husband drank the kool-aid on those ages ago, and I figure it's because he doesn't ever care what colour something is anyhow. The light from those, you may as well use candles. Ugh.
    Would Victory glitter be made of something decidedly non-glittery?

  4. Sounds to me as if you're guilty of some thoughtcrime there!! I'm with you on the incandescent bulbs. Grrr - I can't get the proper replacement for the daylight bulb on my desk any more.
    Love your sparkly happy butterfly.

  5. Your sparkly butterfly looks nice and "cool".

  6. Exqueeze me, but the packing tape from the USPS is THE. BEST. PACKING. TAPE. EVAH! I have three life-time-size rolls of packing tape from Staples, and it sux. Big time. I will never, never, never us anything but the USPS tape.

    That said, I also don't buy mine in a grocery store. I buy it at the PO when I'm shipping something else. So there. :P

    Oh, and I just resisted buying that set. Submitted my order without it, again. I am string.

    wv: reeptedn

    You know how some people say the same thing over and over and over again? They are reeptedn themselves. Totally annoying. Totally.

  7. Wow Lydia, I guess that in Texas they must have really bad stores!!!
    I love to go grocery shopping. I do it several time a week and for some reason I seem to make it to Costco every FREAKING saturday out there.
    The parking lot is so nice and serene! NOT!!!
    But apparently that must be how I like it because I am there each and every saturday just like going to church I must love it so much!!!


    Your card is very pretty and I love the sparkly butterfly. You rock CAS.


  8. If only you had Wegmans in Texas, you could avoid much of this angst.
    Love the card. What is zest-it?

  9. Besides viewing all your lovely artwork I absolutely love reading your blog. I used to live in Austin and I know how the traffic is and how it is to shop. I traded for a more laid back place in SE TX but like you, still hate to go to the grocery store.

  10. HA Lydia! I thought I was the only one who hated Grocery shopping! I always seem to get in long lines with old men ahead of me that FART....the silent and deadly kind....I swear I am going to keep a gas mask in my purse.
    Funny about the government tape...I too have a hidden stock pile of REAL light bulbs...oh what is the world coming to....Hope the weather cools down for you.

  11. Bwhahahaa...I have a HUGE stash of those bulbs
    Love the card! :-)
    Hate bad tape...

  12. Ooooh... Your description of that tape conjures up images of that cheap tape I bought once that at it's first chance falls back on itself only to never come back off in one piece. I scrape and tug a sliver at a time only to give up when I realize my time has just gotten to valuable to fight with it. I shiver to think the Victory tape is like that. Lol. Love the card... So sweet.

    WV: phreader
    Don't know which Flintstone is my favorite: Phreader Wlima.


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