Sunday, August 7, 2011


Is there a Shadeflower? Or only a sunflower?

My great grandmother used to freehand embroider scenes of the sunflower fields on their farm in North Dakota. What I remember about those pieces is the crows though. She always embroidered in the pesky crows, which necessitated elaborate crow scaring devices. She was not overly fond of the crows.

You can imagine how much the little beasts liked the big fields full of conveniently dense cultivated crow food.

It must have added, in addition to annoyance, an extra level of creepiness to fields of flowers that towered over your head.

I wonder why they made Children of the Corn and not Children of the Sunflowers. You're welcome, movie makers - it will be a huge hit on the horror movie circuit. All I ask is ten percent of the ticket sales.

Anyway, what's not horrifying or crow ridden are my sunflower notecards I made for Dare to Get Dirty. This was for Anna Wight's challenge, and I decided to use my new big Sunflower stamp to make first - a box. It's hard to tell it's a box from this photo, but it is, and the pattern is here - the A2 Card Box.

On the top, I stamped the Sunflower image in Summer Sun, and then stamped the sentiment from On Your Birthday on top of it in black. It's the PERFECT size for this box top!

The notecards were equally quick and easy - just stamped the image on the left edge - well, partially off the left edge of each card - in Basic Black. Then I quickly watercolored each one with an Aquapainter and reinkers - Lucky Limeade, Summer Sun, Island Indigo and Poppy Parade.

The greeting is from Elements of Style, that I punched with the Decorative Label Punch and popped up with dimensionals. I stuck a little rhinestone on each label.

I like the kind of Warhol look I got. Kind of fun to get a pop art look with such a classical looking image.

 I love how the image is giant, just like the real deal.

Hope you're having a crow-free, stampy weekend, wherever you are. :) I did a little live Ustream of two of the cards I did for my stamp class Saturday if you want to watch it. The people I'm talking to are people who were live during the broadcast. Not the people in my head :).


  1. BWHAHAHAHA! I'm not a people in your head? Do you think I'm real yet?

    WV: kootteg
    Well, I'm having a really hard time with this one, because it breaks all the rules. oo followed by tt ? really? kooteg I can see, but kootteg? Nope, not even gonna try. I demand a new word.

    WV2: gletie
    Neckware worn by people on that ... TV show. (I can't say it)

  2. Ack! I thought I might want that stamp when I saw the first card, but as soon as I saw the other colored versions it turned into a NEED.

  3. You are an awful, awful, AWFUL enabler. That is all.

    xo B.

  4. Lydia, so want to see your Utube vids...but my computer seized up when I clicked on the link. Any suggestions?
    wv ressick: I felt bad when momma took me to the docter but when we got ther, I felt RESSICK

  5. The yellow sunflower was getting all my admiration until I scrolled down and gasped at the multicolored ones... I can't believe you hand colored them... The variations are gorgeous.

    WV: pracize
    The coloring of the sunflowers was unbelievably pracize.

  6. no, No, NO!!! I will NOT give in to your wily ways to try to tempt me to buy that sunflower stamp! You must have some hold over my head and stamping decisions because it's so hard. I... must... resist...

    Oh, what the heck. It's just easier to give in and buy the thing, right?
    I agree with Brandi. You ARE an enabler. But such a nice one. :D

    WV: hanse - I had to come inside and wash my hanse before supper.
    Unless you want to pronounce it "hans-E". Then it would be - that guy I went out with sure got hanse in the car after our date.


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