Friday, August 19, 2011

Hair Discrimination!

I've been discriminated against my whole life on the basis of my hair color.

My mousy, brown, boring hair.

Yepper. It's the discrimination no one wants to talk about. The elephant in the hair salon if you will.

I was in the grocery store, and a little redheaded boy zipped past me. A woman behind me turns to her husband and says "Wow - that's a fiery head of hair there." People always feel compelled to remark on red hair, which I'm sure small red-headed children hate - but it's just so beautiful and unusual and interesting.

They also remark on that angel white, fluffy hair some kids (and lucky adults) have.

But NO ONE, in the history of hair comments has looked at a little kid and said - "wow - now THAT is brown. That kid has BROWN hair. That right there is a brunette, my friend. Sho nuf."

Nope. Never happened.


Surely we can get a class action suit together.

It's FRIDAY! Did you get the memo? On Splitcoast this afternoon, we have our Virtual Scrapbooking Night kicking off at 4 PM Eastern, so if you want to play in some fun scrapbooking challenges, check in! It goes all weekend, and it's a ton of fun. If you need something to wear, check out my "Keep Calm and Scrap On" T-shirt!

Speaking of Splitcoast - I found this card in the gallery, and it inspired me to make this distressed blue card for my class this month.
Stamps: Nature's Pace, Parlor Prints Paper: Pool Party, Crumb Cake, Very Vanilla  
Ink: Pool Party, Soft Suede 
Accessories: Distressing Tool, Sponges, Decorative Label Punch, Early Espresso Quilted Satin Ribbon

I think Pool Party and Soft Suede may be my new go to color combo. It's so homey and vintage and comfortable. How about that ribbon eh? Quilted satin ribbon coming in the Holiday Mini!

I'm trying out two recipes tonight. One is a pineapple mango jam from my beloved Cindy Lawrence, and then - get this - I'm making a batch of Alton Brown's Potato Leek Soup for the SOLE PURPOSE of making it the sauce for homemade chicken pot pies. How about them apples?

I'll let you know how it all turns out.

In the meantime, next time you see one of us, the boring brunettes, maybe you should say - "wow - you have really brown hair. "



  1. Red headed children DO hate people always commenting on their hair. They also hate strangers touching their heads like it was a good luck charm or the Budda's Belly. I know this because my sisters and I are redheads.

    We've all gotten over it now that we are adults.

  2. You're funny, but I have to disagree. When my son was younger (3 or 4), he had his dark brown hair and eyes complimented more than once. When I was younger, I was often asked if my hair color was natural because it was so dark and shiny. (I have not ever dyed my hair and now it is just going the salt and pepper route.) So... there are some out there that do appreciate brown hair, they need to find you. ;)

  3. Potato and leek soup!! Can I come round before you get as far as the pot pies. And then stay for the pie too! I'll bring a treacle tart for desert.
    We have a red-headed guy in work - he says he struggled all the way through school because he wouldn't wear glasses and get teased on two counts instead of just one.
    Another mousey brunette wishes you a happy weekend. But hey - if it's still naturally brown that's something to be happy about, no? I used to envy my sister her thick, wavy hair, but she started going grey in her mid twenties.

  4. Just wait till that boring brown hair starts to go gray - you'll want it back in a heartbeat! As for me, blond when I was very young, then it turned to boring brown. As soon as I was able to I starting highlighting my hair. If I did not color my hair it would be gray, so it is any color I want!

  5. I remember this lovely card from your Ustream event. (so happy my memory is intact.) Lovely car that it is.
    I may be a brunette and grew up in that same compliment wasteland but when I finally started cutting it short, my grandmothers curls surfaced on my head and now I get compliments for that. Go figure. Lol.

  6. Mmmmm, AB's Potato Leek Soup. You should save some and have it cold. But I do agree it will be a killer Pot Pie filling, too!

    Wait, are you COOKING?! Didn't anyone tell you it's 107 degrees outside? Go for the cold soup. You can make pot pies next time.

    Oh, and I'm stealing that card for my September classes. Just thought you'd like to know.

  7. It could be worse - you could have brown hair going gray and when you color it the "color resistant"gray turns a nice shade of LAVENDAR! I kid you not. I would love some of that soup - with or without the pot pie! The card is scrumptious too! Great color combination.

  8. Perhaps someone has noticed you had a lovely shade of hair, but was too shy to let you know. I am a brunette and have been all my life and and still surprised when asked if I color my hair. I don't. It's virgin all natural. When I tell them that, they respond by letting me know how pretty it is with the natural amber highlights mixed with espresso brown and black as night strands. You can't get that out of a bottle!


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