Sunday, October 31, 2010


Happy Halloween everyone!! I LOVE Halloween!! I went out this week and bought a bag of bones (really, I bought them, I swear! or DID I? MWAHAHAHA!) and made this awesome wreath that I saw a tutorial for on Craft Magazine's blog.

That's the kid's eye view. Super spooky.

Then, I completely cracked myself up when I came up with this modification of my Sassy Maddie stamp!! Who knew cute little Maddie could be so scary?
Happy Halloween from your favorite little sassy black cat!

I hope you guys have cute trick or treaters and a fun and safe evening!


  1. YOU CAN BUY BONES?!?!?!!

    Cute Maddie skellie! :)

    WV: fandur
    All that extra candy? fandur's keepers!

  2. That wreath is now in my MUST MAKE file for next year! Totally awesome!

  3. You BOUGHT bones? But Lydia..I get mine in this big field up behind the church..they are all just under the surface...tons o them!!

    Luv the Sassy Cat Bones...

    WV LEELY as in...
    I LEELY lub that cawrd

  4. Scarey Maddie! Was that her costume or did that happen when there was a sudden bolt of lightning? Hee hee. Love it!

  5. Oh you are just toooooo good!!! Love this wreath. Fell off my chair laughing when Sue said she got her bones in a field behind the church!!!!! That is just perfect!!

  6. Oh that is SO FUNNY and cool! I always detested altered artists buying skulls etc of animals but THIS I LOVE! Good work Thanks!

  7. You can buy a bag of bones?!?!?! I have to find some to make this wreath. Too scary!!! Love it. I love your blog so much!!!

    Peace, Love & Joy,

  8. OMGee!! This is the best!! (both the wreath and the card!!) You DO love Halloween!! *.*


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