Thursday, October 21, 2010

Just Pawsing to say Thanks!


For a few things. We'll call it Thankful Thursday!

Thankful for fun challenges, like this one, that inspired me to make this card.

Thankful for Thursday sitcoms - the Office, Community, Outsourced. Nothing better than a good laugh.

Thankful for my eye doctor - I had to go back today because I couldn't see with my new glasses and thought I was losing my mind, and I wasn't, and she's fixing it.

Thankful for my nice plumber who is coming to fix our house tomorrow.

Thankful for the guy at AT&T that I HOPE is coming to fix my DSL for the millionth time tomorrow. (I'm ready for space internet - please let me know when that's available.)

Thankful for Secretariat - the horse and the movie. If you haven't seen this movie, stop what you're doing and go see it now.

AMAZING in every possible way. So amazing I've started calling Splotch Splotchytariat. :)

But speaking of challenges, this card was for Cindy's Hope you Can Cling To Challenge to make a square card with four additional squares. So fun!!I used Friends Fur-Ever and Nite Owl DSP for paper piecing. But my fave part is the flower. It's one of the paper daisies, that I dyed with my Tangerine Tango reinker. Then I punched a 1" circle of cardstock, stuck it in the middle and sprayed my gold Smooch Spritz on it. FUN.

So I'm just pawsing to say thanks. Hope you have a good night.


  1. you're welcome

    we should have space internet installed in your house by morning - leave the window open. 3 bazillion Gb/sec.

    -- the space people

  2. I totally agree - I'm so thankful for Secretariat! What an uplifting evening when we saw it last weekend. I may have to see it again! I never post, by the way, but I'm an inveterate lurker -- thanks for drawing me out into the blogaverse! :-)

  3. Very cute card. I love the flower. I've been on a flower kick lately with my work.

  4. Cute card! I'll have to go see the movie. Sounds great and I love all animals. I have a cable hook up for my computer, phone, and TV and it's great. I never have any problems. I'm in NY and that may not be available where you are.

  5. vicki - rochester nyOctober 22, 2010 at 12:15 PM

    I love love love this set! But it could be because I have two Westies ;)
    Love your card -- the paper piecing is adorable and so well done.

  6. No you didn't!!

    You did not make a Scottie dog card out of black plaid paper, because that would just be too darn cute for existing card technology.

  7. Sooooo cute! I love this little dog!

  8. This post was before my time as a reader of your blog ... so glad it popped up at the bottom of today's post because I absolutely LOVE this card!! You know these look just like my dogs, right? My beloved hooligan Westies.. so, ok, they aren't plaid dogs but the silhouette looks just like them. Love this -- so cute!!

    Happy Easter ...

  9. oops, apparently I have already seen this card because I have already commented on it.
    Scary to be me --
    oh well, I still love the card.


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