Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Anyone Else Eat Embossing Powder for Lunch?

I didn't.

But Maddie did. :(

I'm working, and I hear an eating sound, look over and Maddie has her head inside my EP container, lapping it up like it was yogurt!!

I almost had a heart attack!

I grabbed her and headed for the sink where I rinsed her mouth out as best as I could, and that sweet little thing didn't even scratch me or anything. I have no idea how much she swallowed. For the record, it's very hard to wash embossing powder off a barbed little cat tongue, in case that ever comes up on a game show or anything.

What in the world possesses a cat to do a thing like that? She will eat anything. I guess the good news is, I found out that the embossing powder truly is non-toxic. She lived through the night anyway. I hope it ends there! Everyone told me to keep her away from the heat gun. :) She's already pretty shiny.

Between that and all the other craziness this month, this is totally how I feel...

If you don't see the cutest video in the world above this sentence, click here.

But I did find time to make the coolest 10 minute pumpkins for Halloween! Love these awesome Spooky Things rubons!

I just popped them and some Black Flourish Designer jewels onto some white pumpkins from Michaels and BAM - Halloween decorations DONE. Now maybe I can nap.

Yeah, right.

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  1. Oh my God!! That was such a cute cat video. Loved watching the other kittens in the background having a great time too. I love animals - all animals - and this was fun to watch. I have 3 cats, two very senior citizens and one baby who is 9. Also have a greyhound named Duke who will celebrate his 11th birthday 10/16. For a greyhound, 11 is amazing. I hope we have him a very long time. Also, any stray or injured animal will find us. I think there's an invisible sign on our roof that says sucker, come one come all - lol.

  2. OMG, that kitteh is trying SO HARD to stay vertical! LOVE the music, too!

    Oh, yeah, and those pumpkins are pretty neat, too. ;)

  3. How cute it that kitteh? He just wanted her to pick him up so that he could have a nice nap. that is the way that I have been feeling lately too.

    The pumpkins are fun and I am thinking that I need to get some of my decor out. Hope that you can get some rest soon.


  4. My friend's dog ate her snipping scissor handles and two containers of glitter this week, so you are not alone.

  5. Yikes! Ur gonna have to start working under a mosquito net! Have a great-no-cat-eating-EP-day!


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