Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Baby It's Cold Outside!

BRRRR!!! This morning in the wee, wee hours I went for my normal walk with a few modifications. It was so cold, and slightly misty, but that was survivable. However, Austin drivers went into their characteristically suicidal rainy day driving pattern, and I saw an SUV run a red light in front of me at about 90 miles an hour.

Because my fellow citizens lose their little furry minds this way when it rains, I had to be extra cautious on my dark cold walk and couldn't walk in the walk/bike lanes (which are much easier on your feet and joints when you walk 9 miles) and had to walk on the sidewalk.

At the most heavily traveled part of my walk, despite the fact that it was raining, the sprinklers were on, shooting straight across the sidewalk from both sides. I had no choice but to walk through thirty yards of freezing cold water. Add some 20 mph winds, and you can imagine how fun and cold the rest of my walk was.

I'm STILL cold! Brr...

So a winter creation for you today! I just got to play with some of the Holiday Nestabilities for a Product Focus at Splitcoast and I'm HOOKED!

I made so many fun things with these ornament dies it's just crazy!

For starters, I made a card for a Hope You Can Cling To challenge to use only sentiments as the stamped image. I don't have any of those big collage stamps, so I thought I'd make my own. I used Soft Sky and some of the greetings from Star Studded Season (retired) to build my background. And yes, I used my Stamp a Ma Jig :)

Then, I just cut out multiples of the ornament, by nesting the dies, to get the 3D center, and I cut one large one for the main part of the ornament. For the center part, I just folded each one in half and stuck them together. The paper is that gorgeous Candy Cane Christmas with the fun glittered stripe on one side.

The ribbon on top is May Arts silk ribbon. I finished it off with rhinestones. What's cool is it will fold flat to mail!
Hope you are warm and toasty today! Don't forget - there's still time to play in the Hope You Can Cling to Challenges and win some AMAZING prizes, including a $250 Etsy shopping spree! Details here.



  1. what a beautiful card. Love the die cut.
    You have convinced me it's not a regional thing. Rain lobotomizes drivers everywhere.

    Hope you've warmed up.

  2. beautiful card Lydia!

    as in
    This Octopus throws a great party ...what an OCYTESS!

  3. My first thought was "gorgeous!" My second thought was "but how do you mail it?" You trumped me. Genius idea!

  4. NINE miles! Good for you! I used to speed walk 2 1/2 miles and thought I'd die - lol.
    I thought all the idiot drivers lived here in NY!! Maybe the driver you saw is a relocated New Yorker LOL. It's cold and raining here. Not nice weather for a few days.
    Loved the card.

  5. OMG I LOOOOOVE this ornament! SQUEEEEEE! This makes me so happy!


    wv: When my kids get crazy I them they need to sitchail down!

  6. That is just a beautiful card! Love it!

  7. That had to be an awful walk. That would be way too cold and wet for me to be out in. You go girl.


  8. Oh this is beautiful and what a fantastic project or contest. I am unable to make anything right now do to my health issues, and this is one I would have loved to participate in. When I am able, my cards go to people like me, progressive or terminally ill, disabled, hospice, St. Judes, the children's hospital here and the troops of course, we have family over there, lost family on 911 and have family that have been badly injured over there. They keep sending them back my nephew is on his 4th term of duty and our Son In Law TG was not sent back again, his sister is over there though, a huge ouch.
    God Bless them all
    Thanks, this is a very uplifting thng to read. Donna

  9. Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.


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