Thursday, November 11, 2010

An Owlurkey of Thanks!

I made this little guy for Veteran's Day, because we are all so grateful for our brave ones.

I remember vividly when I studied Russian history and literature in college the horror of discovering for the first time what totalitarian states do to artists. It was shocking to read as a young, free girl how some of the most brilliant minds in that country were sent off to horrific labor camps in Siberia for just expressing themselves in their own unique, creative way. I also filed away for later how powerful, and if you're a bad guy, threatening, great art can be.

We aren't running around frolicking in our ink and paper and stamps because we are just lucky that way - we're doing it because of the sacrifice of real people.

And those real people deserve more than a grateful Owlurkey, but it's what I have to give today :).

I'd like to say a special thank you to just a few of my stampy friends who have either served or have family who have. Lisa, Beate, Marie, Dana, Sue, and many more. God bless you guys & thanks.


  1. BWHAHAHA!!! Love the LurkeyOwl...I mean Owlurkey..hahahaha...

    Thank you for your kind mention of me & my nephew in the post..Teagan should be leaving from Afghanistan in 13 days...but who is counting??

    This owl/turkey/Owlurkey (heheh), is a such a FUN and great tribute. Totally fabulous and so adorable!!! :)


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