Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Thirteenth and Seventeenth Wonders of the World

The Eighth Wonder of the World is so passe. Everyone uses that one. So I picked a few that haven't been discussed yet.

And by "Wonder of the World," I'm sure you know I mean - things Lydia wonders about on her walk. Such as:

  • Why aren't there peanut butter pop tarts? It seems so obvious.
  • If we felines of the species are burdened with all this extra fat supposedly so we can survive the Donner Party better and be around to raise the babies, then why are we so dang cold all the time? That's not fair.
  • What marketing genius came up with the name MSG for monosodium glutamate? No wonder no one likes it. You wouldn't find the phrase "sodium chloride of the earth" nearly as charming as "salt of the earth."
  • If grocery bags and Starbucks cups were made out of designer patterned paper I'd do a lot more recycling.
So there you go. This morning's wonders.

Guess what else was this morning?

My tutorial for a little paper doll on Splitcoast! Yay! It includes a video, during which I will show you how to do some completely unprofessional but cute origami!

Here are two of the dolls I made for cards, but they would make ADORABLE bookmarks, which I show you in the tutorial. So head over there and peek!


  1. Cute little your card bases also... *smile*

  2. I love these, thank you for sharing how to make them. Rose


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