Sunday, April 18, 2010

I'm one of THEM now...

I never thought I'd see the day.

I used to go to stamp retreats with THEM. Some of THEM came to my classes.
I didn't understand THEIR strange ways.

Maybe you don't either. Yet. (Insert evil laugh here)

Who am I talking about?

THOSE people! The people that put PAINT and other crazy substances on their stamps!
My stamps were like surgical instruments in the old days. Unmarred, perfect, never used with any sticky things that might leave traces behind. I never even really liked craft ink because it was so messy.

And then, those fun little papier mache boxes broke my brain! I spray em with Smooch Spray, I dab em with paint - it's crazy. I don't even get scared when I do it! And if there's a little paint left on the wood block - I'm okay with it!

I'll post some more of the boxes after I unpack from the Lone Star Ladies show I was in this weekend. It was a fantastic show.

I just felt like I had to confess that I was one of THOSE people now. You deserve to know, dear readers.

Now, to answer the BURNING question everyone has about what in the world to do with all those retiring Stampin' Up! Colors...

How about we make cards with em? :) I know - crazy talk.

But here's one.
For the little sun, I punched a circle out of copy paper with my 1.75" punch and Dotto'd it to my card front. Then I sponged Summer Sun and Only Orange around it and removed the mask. I stamped the image from Asian Artistry in black and then stamped a second image for the bird. I colored him with Ballet Blue.

I added gold highlights to the bird and the bamboo with my favorite gold pen. I've had a billion gold pens and most are sort of watery and skippy. This thing is a dream. It stays opaque, which I love - it's like having a very skinny line of gold paint. It's the Pentel Slicci in gold. Mine is the .8mm. They come in all sorts of fun metallic colors. I got a few of them to try when I became a Penfessional! Really, I've always been a Penfessional. I LOVE pens. I have a squillion of them. If you've got a lead on a good pen - GIMME! But it's nice to be official and all. Grownup coloring rocks!

What are you peeps up to this lazy Sunday?

Ready to see some cute boxes and some fun with fabric and the Big Shot this week? Is there anybody out there that didn't get some of the Sale-a-Bration sets yet? If so, maybe I'll give some away for more trivia this week..

Have you signed up for the UBlue Cyber Club? Attended one of my Webinars?? Come on - get your geek on! :)

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  1. REBEL!!!!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE that card..on my list for club...that OKie Dokie with you?

    WV INTHEL as in..
    My brain has no INTHEL inside

  2. You are too funny - I am still afraid of using stamps, so I suppose I will have to get over that before I become one of YOU!

  3. Now that is one GORGEOUS card! I must case it. FYI - I'm stocking up on ballet & brilliant blue, are you?


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