Sunday, April 25, 2010

Somebunneh Misses Somebunnehs

I don't know what happened here. I don't know if the bunneh was bad and got expelled from bunneh dance class somehow. I don't know if someone forgot to pick the bunneh up for dance class. I don't know if little bunneh was a surrealist and the other bunnehs, who are clearly impressionists, shunned little bunneh.

All I know is that somebunneh misses somebunnehs. Time for a reunion.
Stamps: Tutu Much (Cat's Pajamas) Ink: Basic Black Paper: Whisper White, Basic Black
Prismacolor Pencils, Corner Rounder Punch

I do know that when I saw these bunnehs, I pictured this painting in my head.And THAT is how a stamp becomes a card.

Welcome back, little bunneh.

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  1. If you find anymore little lost bunnehs, send 'em over here. My bunnehs would make it feel right at home.

  2. beautiful card. Love how you colored it.


  3. How inspired. Your talent never ceases to amaze!

  4. I think it is little bunnehs first day at class and she is a little widdle bit skerd...

    BTW..I think your customer is now stalking me..she called me TWICE on my drive home last night looking for "the kauutttest little dawg " LOL

  5. Love the tribute to Degas...and I agree with Sue, it is little bunneh's first day of class. Hopefully by her next class she will be comfortable and be in a perfect 3rd position with her little friends. (Or is that 1st position...I can't remember!)

  6. I love how one art medium influences another! Nice job with the bunnehs!

  7. Love the story behind the card(and the card)!

  8. Love how you posted the inspiration. Perfection.
    Those bunnehs!!! I'M OBSESSED!!!! loooove em!

    WV: I'm sure FedEx Ground would love a solubnx to their shipping issues. But...they're not UPS. Sorry.

  9. If truth be known, one little bunneh has 2 left feet on the same end. Poor widdle thing just can't dance.


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