Tuesday, April 13, 2010

How I Became A Crafty Secret Agent

So I'm on a mission.

I need those little pieces of hardware you can use for feet on some boxes I'm making. (See previous post.) Tim Holtz has some perfect ones. I didn't have time to order then online, so I've scoured Michael's, Hobby Lobby, Archivers, and I finally go to a small LSS that I'm pretty sure won't have them. But a girl's gotta try.

I look around the store, and finally go to the counter. I ask the girl if they carry any of the Tim hardware, and without even blinking, and WHILE maintaining a patter of meaningless conversation with me, she very stealthily writes a post it note and hands it to me, out of the line of sight of all the other workers and customers.

I've seen enough episodes of Chuck that I know when to just shut up and accept the secret note. So I do.

I tell her thank you, step outside and look at the note.

It says "Aaron Brothers."

I MARVEL at the commitment to general crafting this woman has! She was like some movie heroine in a WWII flick who knows she has a moral obligation to save the crafter, but she cannot give away our position to the Germans, or all will be lost!!

The Underground Craft Railroad is alive and well, people! And Aaron Brothers did have a spectacular collection of Idealogy stuff. Thank you, little resistance fighter. Thank you.
If I had a present to give her, I'd give it to her in this can.
Whaddaya think?

It was so easy - sheet music, cut with my punches and scalloped circle Big Shot die, sponged with Summer Sun for the flowers, and stamped on with Branch Out.

I added little self adhesive rhinestones to the flower. I cut the butterflies with my Bold Butterflies Die - once in sheet music and once in vellum, and added rhinestones down the middle.

I wrapped the handle with taffeta ribbon.

And, my people - we have a winner from my last challenge!

Miss Melody - also known as lacyquilter on Splitcoast - was the first to identify the service ribbon as the Global War on Terrorism Service Ribbon.

Congrats Melody!! Email me and I'll tell you your prize choices!!


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  1. Lydia, this tin in amazing!!!! I love it. I gotta git me some sheet music... WAIT...my MIL played piano and the stool is upstairs..and I know there is music in there..hmmmm...wonder if G'dad is asleep in his chair yet?

    On another note..I used to wrmk at a stamp store and if we did not have an item I always suggested other locations..usually other privately owned stores rather than big box...we had to help each other out right?

    Love this story!!!

    WV: DIFASEED as in
    I need to plant some DIFASEED this year in the garden..

  2. It might have been that she could get in trouble for refering you to another store-my sister worked at Ben Franklin's and was told they couldn't suggest other stores, only suggest products that might be similar. Kind of like how you aren't supposed to demo non-SU product at your classes.

  3. Lydia,
    Your can is gorgeous! Gorgeous I say. So....does Half Price books carry music sheets, you enabler?

    Let me know if your spy mission fails and I send you some of those thingies.

    Hugs and smiles

  4. This is gorgeous, Lydia... love that pop of yellow. :)

  5. Love the cute little can!

    As for the wonderful heroine---Viva la Resistance!!!

    Thankyouthankyouthankyou for being a fellow "Chuck" fan. It is such a funny show. You did him proud with the secret note.

  6. You really have a nice can Lydia :) And i so *love* that bird on a branch!au

  7. I just love your stories! You always make me laugh, cry, or think. You have a great way with words, Lydia. By the way, I've missed you lately - haven't seen too many posts and just wanted you to know that I'm thinking of you. :)

    p.s. Webster says to tell you hi. I bought him some pom-poms because I saw how much your kitties enjoyed them. He LOVES them! Forget about the expensive "cat toys" in the pet store. Give him a plastic milk ring or a pom-pom and he's entertained for hours!

  8. Awesome Project Lydia! It is way too pretty. I left you something on my blog, I hope you like it.


    Lisa Atha

  9. Wow, this is so pretty! I almost wouldn't want to use it, I would just stare at it! :-)

  10. Stunning project Lydia and your comment about Chuck episodes cracked me up! Love that show!!!

    Glad the Underground Craft Railroad is still alive and kickin'!!! I must make it to Aaron Brothers tomorrow...thanks for the heads up!

  11. WOW! This is gorgeous! Seriously stunning!


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