Monday, April 26, 2010

A Birthday Wish...

What is the perfect advice for a person about to have a birthday, I wonder....?

When you're as advanced in age as I am, what you know for certain (because you can't remember your phone number or where you put your keys) is that it all goes entirely too fast.

You realize you should have gone to Paris with your only $100 when you were 18 and weren't scared of anything and didn't have any bills.

You would have been an "early adopter" of things like Microsoft stock.

You would have worn a bathing suit more during those years you thought you looked too fat.

You would have invented YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. Seriously - how hard was THAT?

This weekend, a girl I ADORE came for a visit with her daughter/clone, whom I also now adore. We had lunch, stomped around Art City Austin, had a margarita and went to Sugar Mama's for cupcakes.

And then, right when I was getting sad that she was getting ready to leave, we saw a fire truck parked in the parking lot of the office where I get my allergy shots.

We impulsively pulled in and asked the firemen if they would like some cupcakes. They seemed very happy to have been the recipients of a Random Act of Cupcake.

I think we were happier than they were just at the joy and surprise. Maybe RAC's will become a viral phenomenon. How cool would that be?

So maybe the best advice you could give someone who is to about to have a birthday is - enjoy the ride. And the second best? Make sure everyone else does too.

Stamps: Cats Pajamas Ink: Memento Tuxedo Black, Summer Sun
: Whisper White, Real Red, Basic Grey Ambrosia
Accessories: Copics, Nestabilities, Sponge Dauber, Pentel Silver Slicci Pen, Top Note Die, Big Shot, Crystal Effects

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  1. OMG Love this!!! Love this card!!! LOVE YOU!!!! :D :D :D

    I had so much freakin' fun....can't wait to do it again...and we won't let cupcakes make us stupid next time--we'll remember to take pictures of giddy firemen!! :D

    WV: Next time I'm ordering the slompi with shrimp.

  2. This is stinkin' cute, Lydia! Love your story, too! :)

  3. I love the card, but I love what you wrote about enjoying birthdays and life in general!!! I miss you and hope all is well (when are we going for drinks and cupcakes?)

  4. love the card! bunny on a scooter is super cute :)

  5. this is adorable, and so is yesterday's card. you're doing some fun work, friend!

  6. Hey Lydia,

    Remember me from Lone Star Stampers?

    My hubby is an AFD firefighter at Station 28 (Parmer Ln and MoPac). They get random acts of food dropped off on occasion and let me tell you, the guys (and gals) appreciate everything, it really makes their day.

    Thanks for thinking of them..

    A firefighter's wife.

    Mary Cook

  7. How sweet are you and Dana?! Can't wait to come to Texas and hang out with you two crazy chicas!!! :D

    I want that bunneh on a scooter! :)


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