Saturday, May 1, 2010

It's an Adventure Being a Girl...

Well, pollenpocalypse has ended. At least the phase where the entire world is yellow and pounds of gross fluff pile up on my car every day. During pollenpocalypse, I refused to wash my car. Each day, I basically had to dig my car out from this disgusting pile of oak pollen and drive around Austin among the other victims - the place looked like a taxi convention for a month! And since I have to park under the odious tree, washing it would have been an exercise in futility.

So yesterday, I felt it was time. However, I had a challenge.I have weak hands, as do most girls. They are made for stamping. And so each time I have to go to the car wash and grip that insanely difficult spray gun for an hour, I regret it for days. It makes my hands shake and hurt. Those things are made for men, not delicate little stampers like me. Why hasn't the car wash mafia invented a trigger that clicks into place like a gas pump? There are two possibilities: they aren't smart enough, or they don't care about our paws.

Well I care about my paws. So, cranky from the oak pollen, I went to the carwash prepared. With zip ties. You can't keep a good woman down.

Before I turned the water on, I hog tied that little sucker into the on position. Mmm hmm. BOOYA. Washing the car was easy and pain free.Which allowed me to stamp today. :)

Now the motto of my university was Meliora - meaning better things.My zip ties ameliorated the car wash.

Whoever wants a size A Stampin' Up! acrylic block, leave me a comment telling me a story about you ameliorating something! Creativity deserves creative tools!

Now, I saw this FABULOUS tutorial on Splitcoast a few weeks ago and I have been experimenting with it since.

The creator of the tutorial was nice enough to include metric and American measurements for us. It makes an adorable 3 x 3 card, and I made some cute little notes. Thank you Sally!

Then I got lazy. I didn't want to measure anymore. So I came up with the lazy person's method - grid paper!

I cut a piece of grid paper to 5.5" x 4.25" and Dotto'd it to the inside of my card. Then I just used the grid to evenly space my 1" and 1/2" punched holes.
Bonus - you can use the first grid paper you punch as a template. So here is what I made - a five minute, clean and simple punched card! Give it a shot!

Stamps: Cheep Talk Ink: Basic Black, Summer Sun Paper: Whisper White, Tempting Turquoise
Accessories: 1/2" circle punch, 1" circle punch, black marker, grid paper
(All supplies Stampin' Up!)

So - tell me a story! Win a prize!


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  1. Girl - H20 carwash is your friend. $20 - inside, outside including tip. Done!

    Adorable card. That tutorial was awesome!

  2. I hope you remembered to take the scissors to cut that off after you finished. Ya see, I'd forget the scissors. I *AM* going to remember that zip-tie trick. I hate those handle sprayers!

    The only thing that I have "creative"-wise is what NOT to do. Like think you are brilliant for using a panty-liner as a replacement for underwear.

    DON'T DO IT!! EVER!!

    WV:atics- I have two atics in my house. One atic is filled up with Christmas stuff. The other is " a tic" in my right eyelid.

  3. are married right???? Isn't that why we get they can wash our cars??? LOL (Hey YOU doin'???)
    Actually the above rule does not work in this house..but I have two step of whom comes to our house to wash his truck..and he is allowed to do so as long as he washes our car too. Yes I am a nasty stepmother and they love me :-) Life is goooood..

    LMAO at Lisa's comment...curious minds need to know...

    WV ..DROCK

    as are drunk..and you look lovingly at your husband who has just washed your car for you..and say "You DROCK"

  4. HAHAHAHA! "They are made for stamping." HAHAHA! Oooh, my sides hurt. So true, so true.

    Um, and yeah, ante up a few bucks and send your car thru a real card wash. Our guys even get inside and wipe down the windows and dash board.

    And even though I do not want or need another acrylic block, I use those ties for holding my card racks to my grid walls for craft shows. I should buy stock in that company.

    wv: pyronsup, chain restaurant
    Where pyromaniacs go to eat.

  5. PS: Card Wash? sigh ...

  6. Love your ziptie for the handle. My crafty amelioration is using a coffee mug with some marbles in the bottom for a stand for my ATG tape gun (I know that's redundant) so that I don't have to hunt for it every time I want to pick it up. Then just yesterday it dawned on me to move the hose reel over to the patio where I use the hose most often. I had to string a hose from the faucet over the the reel (it's in a portable box) at the patio. I will hide the connecting hose under the mulch alongside the house. TADA! I'm no longer having to unwind 2 hose lengths to get it where I want the water!

  7. I ameliorated little girl's stuffed animal collection in what can best be described as a Beanie Baby Hostage Exchange program. You see, the child has enough stuffed toys to open her own FAO Schwarz. She also has a shelf that goes completely around 3 walls of her room, and is the perfect place for all the stuffed babies to live in their little groups. So one day, I had her help me sort them all out, and she got to decide where everyone went. Then, I let her pick 5. She can have 5 down at any one time, and if she wants a different one down, she has to pick one to go back up.

    Not to say that there haven't been some circumstances in which she has convinced me of the need to have more than 5 ("Mommy, the penguins need to play with the flamingo and the dragon or else how will they all get to be friends?"), but for the most part it helps me keep the population under control, making my life a better thing.

    Love the idea for the card...that is sweet!

    WV: cractym
    Usage in a sentence: When the person behind me in line at the grocery store started breathing down my neck, I cractym over the head with my brisket.

  8. I sure would be going through the car wash !! I cut my sos pads in half as you never need the whole one anyways, so cutting them in half gives you twice as many. Have a great day. Hugs n' Stuff, Lynne

  9. An animal lover story for you - the names have not been changed to protect the innocent.....

    Mary, a recently retired teacher died this week after a 4 year battle with cancer. She was also pres. of our local animal shelter and has worked very hard to reduce the number of animals put down. She herself adopted a difficult dog over 10 years ago named Susan. Lynn, an SU demo and my downline, is on the board of the shelter and a friend of Mary's. She did not attend Mary's funeral yesterday morning. Mary's family put Susan back in the shelter for a week until things calm down. Lynn went to the shelter and spent the morning walking and playing with Susan. Mary would be delighted I am sure......ok I need another tissue......

  10. "pollenpocalypse"- LMAO!!! I am actually had tears in my eyes reading your little story about the absolute worst time of the year!!! Hilarious!


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