Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cloud-die Days...

Ever since Maddie started predicting earthquakes with her whiskers, I've been understandably nervous about natural disasters. The pictures of those freak waves in France this week make me want to hide under the bed. But that would mean getting rid of the dustbunnies. I decided I'm just not scared enough to dust.

Anyway, in case you're worried if clouds really can die, I don't think they can. :) BUT - clouds can be DIES! And I got to PLAY WITH SOME! Whee!! I love clouds!

These little steel cloud dies are the newest release from My Favorite Things - and can I tell you my favorite thing? They are made in America - yay for jobs!

Second favorite thing? They're insanely cute. The first project I made with them was with the Fancy Favor die and it's so sweet! Who should I give this to?
What I did was ran the cloud die through my Big Shot and then used the three little clouds as a sponging template. I dotto'd them down onto my white Fancy Favor bag, and then sponged Soft Sky and Cool Caribbean all around them. There are three different sizes of clouds so it made for a cute sky, yes? And I HAD to have a bunneh.Even a sun-lover like me loves a fluffy little cloud. I have a squillion more projects with these I'll share soon!

What are you kittens up to?

Have you signed up for the UBlue Cyber Club? Attended one of my Webinars?? Come on - get your geek on! :)
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  1. So super cute! That bunny's wee little powder puff tail makes me want to squeeze it.

    This little kitten has been working all day. Grass is cut, second load of laundry is in, house has been vacuumed, and the little girl's room has been straightened up. Now all I have to do is...well, there is too much!

    Thanks for inspiring me to sit at my table this evening and make something cute!

  2. CUTE CUTE CUTE! *holding back the Want Monster*

    This kitteh is at werk, watching the clock so I can leave and go color!

    WV: pherypot
    A pot with pheries planted in it.


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