Friday, May 21, 2010

Murder in The Year of the Millipede

You know how I feel about animals. You know that I go out of my way not to squish pillbugs on my walks. I try to look the other way on spiders in the house even. I'm pretty live and let live as far as the animal kingdom goes.

However, a girl can only take so much.

It's a harsh environment, Texas. We have scorpions and brown recluse spiders. We have tornadoes and cacti. I see rattlesnakes on my walk. Things are trying to kill us constantly, so part of the Texas experience involves sturdy snake proof footwear, hats and sometimes - we gotta kill back.

Each year we get invaded by a different sort of horrid creature. The first year we lived in this house there was a 10 year cycle of this disgusting moth, whose nasty little spawn climbed up the trees and built dangly, sticky webs all over all of our trees. Wormpocalypse made our neighborhood look like a horror movie - dangling heinous webs with wiggly worms at the end of each thread. I'm scarred.

One year, it was these crazy ants that acted like they were on meth.

There's been a lot of surprised shrieking these last few weeks. The cats pretend they can't see them.
So if I jump when you say my name, now you know why. I'm a bit on edge with all these extra legs around.

WHAT WAS THAT??? Oh. It's a piece of ribbon. Everything is ok.

Speaking of ribbon.. today's Free for All Friday challenge was to use button and ribbons in a creative way.
I thought I could maybe count silver cord as ribbon, right?
So I covered some pink bargain buttons that just happened to be on my desk with a bunch of glue dots. Then I looped the cord around to make petals, stuck more glue dots on and attached them to some stamped stems from Awash with Flowers. I colored the stems with my pale pink Copic Marker. The greeting is from Unity's Store Kit for May, which I'm in love with. The "grass" is a strip of Basic Grey Indian Summer that I fringed and cut a little curve into.

These cute little flowers are probably the only ones in Texas that don't have a millipede on them right now, so they're pretty much my favorites. :)

Happy Friday!

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  1. what a great way to use up that stretchy silver cord, since tying a bow with it is next to impossible! now to go find me a stem stamp...

    btw, i killed a VERY LARGE millipede last weekend. it was climbing up the tub in the basement, just above the drain. check twice before you get in your tub, girlfriend. otherwise, you could slip and fall from the surprise terror, and we don't want that happenin'.

  2. This is so cute! Love that wire and buttons...

  3. Holy Cow! Millipedes! I hadn't noticed them around here. I bet I'll see them every now. Cute card.

  4. Adorable card, love button flowers!

    Millipedes, you poor thing, I can't believe the cats are ignoring them. My beast would pull off a few of their legs and watch them struggle until they die. Yep, she is as sadistic as kitties come. We have cricket season here in Ohio in the fall, Mittens makes sure they don't leave the house alive. No bug is safe in my house! Thank heavens. In fact, I am beginning to think that they have all heard about Mitten's presence her, as we don't find near as mnay bugs anymore. LOL yep, who needs an exteminater!She is much ceaper too, give her food, water and love and she protects us.

    Call me sister!


    Lisa Atha

  5. I love your cord & button flowers. At first I thought that was wire.

    Nothing with more than 4 legs is not safe in my house, unless it can run faster than me!

  6. Cool card, Lydia! Love the petals. I feel a CASE coming on! As for the millipedes, everyone seems to think that as a Biology teacher I love all things crawly...NOT! I feel for you!

  7. Lydia, we have those gross millipedes here in VT. My cat ignores them too. WTH? Gross gross gross. But the card is nice!


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