Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day - Texas Style

For those of you a shade north of here, let me let you in on this afternoon. I went out back with the DH & Spotty for a little debrief on the day, and we heard the ice cream truck go by. It plays "It's a Small World After All." That's what February is like here.. Heaven!
I know I've been a tad quiet, but I've been very busy. Lots of people to meet, things to do, and yes, Valentine gifts to make!! My husband took these to work today. they are a combination of inspirations. I call that COMBINSPIRATION. First, I fell in love with Kristina Werner's valentine color combo of Blush Blossom, Groovy Guava and Chocolate Chip. Then, I saw my beloved Martha Stewart and her instructions for heart "flowers". Finally, I thought to myself, "Self - what candy would match this combinspiration?" And I realized it was Jelly Bellies, which are sold separated by color in bulk at my neighborhood grocery store. I purchased Sour Peach, A&W Cream Soda, Caramel Corn and Toasted Marshmallow flavors and layered them for a combination parfait/"potting soil" for my flowers. I made 18 of these for my husband's office.

So so cute. The vases were 50 cents & a buck at Michael's. If I hadn't waited so long, I could have probably gotten 18 of the same kind, but that place looked like a war zone yesterday.
So what you do is get 22 gauge wire, assemble your heart flower - Martha used 5 - 8 hearts, I used 4 - and punch a hole in the center. Poke the wire through, and on the top side, add a pearl or bead, and make a little loop of wire on top of it so it doesn't come off. Then underneath the flower, add a pearl or bead, and zig zag the wire to keep the bead tight under the wire. Then just pop it into a vase full of beans!! Oh - to make the hearts, I used the Forever in my Heart set. I stamped the polka dotty heart in Groovy Guava and the outline "Love" in Chocolate Chip on Blush Blossom. Then I just stamped the Love stamp on DSP to give me a template to cut. Fun.

Now - check out this ADORABLE Valentine from Shanna Culver!!! How sweet is this? This sweet lady lives in Dallas and remembered me & Spottie today! Thanks Shanna - so beautiful and sweet of you!! Come to AUSTIN!! :)

Then, I also got a wonderful valentiney card from sweet Rhonda Bean, who also has well wishes for Spottie!!

My picture doesn't do her coloring or her Iridescent Ice embossing on the heart justice, but this is an adorable card. I have this set, so I might ahve to pull it out this weekend.

Big hugs to all of you great ladies who email me and send me cards and post comments - you really add something very special to my life and I'm so grateful.

Now on to the big news of the night.

No, it's not the Obama/Clinton fistfight, or the Huckabee/McCain soapy twister match for the nomination - nope - it's the fact that I got TWO stampin' magazines today - my beloved Stampin' Success and Crafts 'n Things - AND I HAVEN'T EVEN OPENED EITHER ONE OF THEM YET AND LOST IS ON TONIGHT AND I SPENT A BUNCH OF TIME MAKING BACON FOR BLTS AND NOW WHAT THE HECK AM I GONNA DO?

Last but not least, I need you to check out Jenn's site today. Not only for her take on V-day, which is sweet, OR FOR THE INCREDIBLE TREATS SHE DESCRIBES WITH ORDERING INSTRUCTIONS, (seriously - dark chocolate malt balls??? I wonder if I could fit one of those PLUS one of my peanut butter malt balls in my mouth at the same time? I'm willing to try!!) ((Totally calling that number she gave)) but for her paper quilting post just prior to the V-day post. It's wonderful.
An extremely sweet lady with whom I recently crossed paths inspired me today to do my normal Saturday morning house straightening/laundry folding so that my whole weekend is free for stamping!!!!! Which is a good thing because I've got all these Grace Girls and Occasions mini sets calling my name.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Valentine's Day.
See ya tomorrow!!


  1. you have the gift of giving, my dear! it's just a special bonus for the people in your life that you're crafty to boot! Great hearts...

    my mouth can only hold one of these malt balls at a time, but perhaps by biting each one in half you could achieve the double taste sensation. tell jodie i sent ya! if you like pb, you should see if they have any of the homemade pb cups (reese's on STEROIDS!) in dark chocolate. they're made in cupcake papers...maybe we should meet in chi-town and do a road trip!

  2. This is a great site for really unique craft heart gifts. I love how they are displayed in a wine glass with jelly beans holding them up. Yum! These are really unique. Another way to be unique is to go to to register for Dove’s “Expressions of Love” contest for a chance to win a beautiful 5.58 carat “Baby’s Breath Diamond Necklace” worth over 21K dollars. Simply describe the way you feel about your honey in the most emotional and creative way to take home this lovely piece for your lady. Imagine her delight when she learns what you wrote about the way you love her. It’s free to enter the contest and it goes until March 15th so you have time to craft your best ode to your love. She will love that you put so much time and effort into how you feel about her. And you will love that you made it a Valentine Holiday that you will both remember forever.


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