Sunday, February 17, 2008

Did you know it's actually February 21st?

On my blog it is. Because I'm ahead on my card a day project! :) Buying myself some cushion for a busy spell.

When I saw them demo One Smart Cookie at Leadership I almost cried at the intense cuteness of these teeny images.

I went for simple & green for this one. I punched out some cardstock with the large tag punch, Hermafixed it to the outside of my card and then dry embossed it with my light table from the inside to make a little hollowed out space for the smaller tag punch to fit in with my cucumber on it. I added Crystal Effects to my cuke and a row of self adhesive rhinestones. I stamped the greeting and the cuke in basic black with my Stampin' Spot. I love clean simple cards. That is when I'm not loving layered detailed cards ! :)

I have lots more I want to stamp today but it's 70 & sunny and after two sleepless nights I need some sunshine, so this Understand Blue CEO (tee hee) is going to go for a walk and hopefully get a nap before I switch cat sitting duties with the DH again. She is sleeping now.
I'm going to share with you Martha Stewart's definition of a "Good Thing" for your crafting:
1. Good things are "small" ideas that are quick, clever,
simple and smart.
2. They make you say, "I wish I knew that before!
3. Good things come with clear, concise instructions and
beautiful photographs
4. Good things don't take a lot of time, or a lot of money
5. Once you learn them, you won't forget them
6. You feel good using good things
7. Good things only get better with time


  1. Hi Lydia,

    Well, your blog sure fits Martha's definition of a "good thing"!!!

  2. Love the cool as a cucumber- great card! I wish I was ahead making stuff for my blog!


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