Monday, February 11, 2008

Hillary and Obama Fistfight on YOUTUBE!!!

Well, not really. But I'm not feeling super creative with my post title, so I needed to get your attention. That would be funny right? Obama definitely has a reach advantage, but we felines are wily, so who knows what tricks old Hill would pull out of her bag.

Anyway, now that you're paying attention, check out the 40 Valentines I made today. I stole Juls716's adorable matchbook idea - she made these matchbooks and stuck little 3X3 notes with SAB rubons in them. So so cute. So I was making 40 of them for a friend's mom's group today and that's why I'm too pooped to come up with my own headline and not one ripped from today's fake headlines that I made up after eating some cookies.

The Matchbooks are very easy to make - 8.5" X 3.5, scored at 1". You do the second fold manually, after you've stapled the bottom. You do if you're me, anyway. Then get to work decorating a bunch of 3x3 notes. I only put one note in each matchbook because of the quantity, and then I put them in a cello bag with Sour Strawberry Jelly Bellies, which are a divine shade of pink. HEB sells Jelly Bellies by color, which makes stamping projects soooooo much easier!!

Next, check out this amazing card my upline sent me!!! PAMELITA - UR AMAZING!! (Her real name is Pam, but we like Pamelita Bonita, or Spam, or Stampin' Mama. But I digress. LOOK AT THIS CARD!!

Hope you're having a fabulous night. I'm going to head over to Kristina's blog and check out Make a Card Monday!


  1. Hee hee...great post title! Maybe you'll get linked up to the Drudge Report! Great creations here!

  2. see what the people say


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