Monday, February 18, 2008

Orange U Even a Little Curious?

What's inside this lovely, tart & tangy treat? I have to tell you a story about this. Many many years ago - 7 to be exact, I had three hostess clubs as a new demonstrator. In one of these clubs, I had two customers named Chriss & Yvonne, who had children who were in the same school as my niece and nephew, so they were introduced to my club by my SIL, Karen. Both became great friends, and both became talented demonstrators. And both of them did something I have never done - became very successful selling stamped cards and gifts. I stamped with Chriss last week, and she was working on a project for a customer who purchases her cards and gifts. This project was a little thing I had demonstrated in my club all those years ago - a little teabag book. Since that club, Chriss and Yvonne have made and sold literally thousands of these little books at craft fairs and to individuals, with one SIGNIFICANT improvement over my book - they substituted CHOCOLATE for tea. Brilliance!! The ones Chriss was working on were stunning - in black and white, with polka dotted paper and an image from Together Forever on the front. Maybe she will post one in her gallery and put a comment with a link *wink, snort!! - No pressure Chriss!!* so you can see. Yvonne & Chriss use the little individually wrapped Ghirardelli squares, but find anything you like for this easy project. Here are the deets. Start with a piece of 6x6 patterned paper. (I used Basic Grey here - the 6 x 6 pads are perfect) Score at 2.75 from each end to make your 1/2" spine in the center. Then, fold it the opposite direction almost in half, leaving yourself about a 1/8" or so flap to glue down. Glue this down - I used the Martha Stewart all purpose Gel adhesive shown in the photo - it has a very fine tip and dries quickly. Then cut yourself a cover out of another piece of cardstock or patterned paper - 7.5" x 3.5", scored at 3.5" from each end to give yourself a spine. I also cut a teeny strip of coordinating paper for the outside of the spine. Then I used my piercing tool to poke two holes through the cardstock cover (cuttlebugged) for brads. These will go all the way through the little sleeve that holds the tea or the chocolate. I SNAIL'ed my sleeve to the cardstock before punching the holes. Then I used the slit punch to punch holes for ribbon for the front and decorated with the Tart & Tangy set orange, the greeting from One Smart Cookie and various other layers you can see. You can't see that the orange is decorated with Iridescent Ice Embossing Powder, but it is! :)

I filled mine with two Wild Sweet Orange Teabags from Tazo because they're beautiful and I don't have any chocolate.

Sometimes the simplest projects you did years ago are wild and wonderful and new to someone else, so don't forget them!

PS - I think Spot removed my distributor cap while I was sleeping because she likes all the attention, because now I've got car trouble! Cats are tricky! :-D

Have a good day.


  1. this is GORGEOUS!! i really love orange, and that BG dp is to die for! the wide satin ribbon really brings everything together. btw, i could tell on the first pic that the orange was shimmery. great project! thanks for the deets!

    for a kitty who can't walk more than a few steps, that spot is amazing! she must have accomplices...

  2. Gorgeous project Lydia! You have taken it to another height with the little slot for the ribbon. A nice elegant touch. I may borrow that in the future (with your permission) I love the BG paper that you have used.
    Do you know that this 1st project we made was also with a citrus stamp from SU? Did you remember that?
    I am glad to hear about Spot.


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