Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A cup of... JOE?? HA!

Really, I totally amuse myself sometimes. Yesterday was my friend Joe's birthday. He loves Starbucks, but he's very cheap (hee hee...) so he only goes once a week. I can't even IMAGINE that. Anyway, having a birthday lunch with him today and I thought I'd add a few cups to his life with a Starbucks gift card. Inspired by Alli Mile's creation, I made this little card/gift card holder. Mine is a little different from hers, mostly because I'm not very good at following instructions.

I started with background paper (soft sky) of 4 X 9.75. I scored it at 5.25 and 8. That gives you room for the little pocket at the bottom of the card to hold the yummy coffee bliss card.

Then I took sticky strip and cut it in half vertically - you really need a skinny little piece to hold the pocket together.

The stamped part of the card is Shimmery White cardstock, stamped in Soft Sky and Basic Black with Dots are Hot and Bursting with Joy. I finished it with an 8.5 X .75 black belly band and soft sky stitched ribbon. (Trying really hard not to make it too girly - resisting glitter took all my muscles!!)
See how the whole bottom part of the card folds up and is held closed with the belly band? Fun and simple. I really love this idea, so thanks Alli!!

Happy birthday Joe!!


  1. This turned out very nicely...and I love the colors!

  2. i liked this when i saw it on alli's blog, and i like your adaptation! i had someone wonder aloud what you could do with that set...obviously, you can make something really cool with it!

    thanks for supporting the company! :-)

  3. this is beautiful...very cool design!!!

  4. Wow! I love how yours turned out. I have had a good look through your creations and wanted to say you have so much talent. Thanks for sharing!!!


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