Saturday, February 9, 2008


Okay - I swear this is the last one today, but seriously, it's so hard to do when you've got a roomful of new stamps. And by roomful, I MEAN MY ROOM IS FULL.

Anyway, I think that these little piggies cried out for this greeting from Sassy Suzie.

My piggies are Doodle Factory Valentines images from Starving Artistamps.

How do you like my weird diagonal ribbon that I used our punch for? It was the only way I could really figure out how to make the greeting fit without ruining my piggies.

I drew the frames around my swine with a Stampin' Write Marker and a white gel pen.

I stamped them in black craft, embossed with Clear EP and colored left swine with pink pastels and hearts with white pastels. Fun!!!

L8R. Gonna re-watch a little LOST. Hey - I heard the writer's strike might be over - we might actually get to see the OFFICE before we all die of old age!! Pray!

Oh wait! So many of you have emailed me about Spotty, so an update on my kitty. I went back to have her BUN levels checked (apparently this is NOT a measurement of how big her butt is, but something about her kidney function) and it had barely improved. From 72 to 70 in a two week period with a unit of fluid under her skin every other day. So they told me I had to do it every day which almost made me throw up. However, miraculously, the very next day, all the sudden she became much more peaceful during this torture. I don't know what happened except me praying for it to get better. I also have to shove 1/4 Pepcid down her twice a day, plus this disgusting liquid vitamin. So I torture her 4x a day. Just to show you I'm not exaggerating about this awful needle - here's a pic of it on my stamping mat, with a little piece of sticky strip to show you both the width and length.

I'm also attaching a pic of her little IV bag getup we have attached to the outside of the bathroom door. We both have to get on the floor outside the bathroom, my DH tries to hold her, and I stick this terrible needle in her neck, release the stopper on the IV tube, and we wait and hope she doesn't struggle and poke herself.

Anyway, you guys are so sweet. Hopefully the daily stuff will help her. She hardly eats at all, which really makes me worry. I got her to eat Hawaiian bread and yogurt today but she needs a lot more than that.

Thanks for asking!! Pray for Spotty!

PS - Jenn - I laughed out loud, so the other Nahrstadts are just are a little too dry!!

Happy Stamping, everyone. Remember - tomorrow is a day of rest!



  1. So fun! I'm loving these images, too. Hope your kitty is doing better soon--I can totally relate, as my big mutt, Cosmo, has endured many major medical problems over the last few years. He's definitely cat-like, dodging certain death a time or two and coming back from each crisis stronger than before.

  2. Oh my gosh, Lydia! Poor Spot! She is such a pretty kitty. You can almost see her soul by looking in those big eye's of hers. I hope and pray that she continues to be calm through the IV thing.

    Love ya,

  3. love the piggies, although i'm not sure who i could send a card with that sentiment to!

    great picture of spot. can't believe the size of that needle! she doesn't have a shunt? wow...i had a friend who had a cat that looks very much like spot. you're a very loving mama to be doing everything you're doing.


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