Thursday, November 11, 2021

VIDEO: Faux Weaving Technique + Carnitas Intel

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I have not known what day it is all week. Objectively, I know it's Thursday, but it feels like Friday!

I have a SUPER fun and easy technique for you today that I call faux weaving - it's great for one layer, CAS cards.

It makes it look like stripes on your card are woven together. So fun. 

I used pink, yellow and blue inks along with this low tack tape to create the background. I splattered that with white acrylic spray, and then colored this gorgeous wheat image, cut it out with the matching dies, and used this sentiment and matching dies to finish the card. Such a happy card - the sentiment is perfect for it!

Here's the video. Come back for a Chipotle hack!

Wheatfield Dreams
[ TE ]
Wheatfield Dreams Dies
[ TE ]
Handlettered Sentiments
[ TE ]
Handlettered Sentiments Dies
[ TE ]
1/2" Artist Tape
[ BLIC ]
White Gloss Acrylic Spray
[ JGG | SSS ]
Passionate Pink Dye Ink
[ GNK | SSS ]
Wild Dandelion Dye Ink
[ GNK | ELH | SSS ]
Blue Raspberry Dye Ink
[ GNK | SSS ]
Life Changing Blender Brushes
[ PFS ]
Pre-Cut & Scored A2 Top Fold Cards -...
[ CTC ]
MISTI Stamping Tool
[ MSP | SSS | ELH ]
My self sharpening trimmer
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Teflon Bone Folder - Ellen Hutson LLC
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Gemini Jr.
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5x7 stamp storage
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Large Stamp & Stencil Pockets
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Airtable: Organize your stamps & dies
[ ART ]

I don't like pork other than bacon, and a very tiny number of other things. I don't mind it in sausage, but I loathe porkchops, pork tenderloin etc.

But I do have two exceptions - the pulled pork I had in Memphis (Texas is not a big pork-eating state - we prefer beef), and Chipotle's carnitas, which is essentially pulled pork if you look at the way it's cooked - but with that yummy Mexican flavor profile. I love their carnitas bowl. 

But I've tried and tried to recreate it with not much luck until someone on Reddit pointed out that Chipotle's carnitas recipe is very simple: Pork, Salt, Black Pepper, Juniper Berries, Thyme, Bay Leaf, Sunflower Oil

So after a few attempts, I came up with this version. Oil is the most processed food on earth, so I avoid it if possible. I'm assuming the reason it's in their recipe is to sear the pork to get crispy edges, but I don't really care about that, so I just leave it out.

I coat the pork butt with kosher salt, like for any roast - all sides. The pork butts I get are about 3 pounds. Then I just put it in a large pot with a lid - I like the Emile Henry Flameware - my mom gave us one and it's the best thing for even cooking, and it can be used on stovetop or in the oven, so it's my chili pot AND a dutch oven. It replaces LOTS of separate dishes, and it's made in France, not China. I added fresh thyme - probably 2 or 3 teaspoons, 2 bay leaves, and 2 tsp. juniper berries. Add 2 tsp. black pepper and a little bit of water in the bottom of the dish if you want - there's a lot of fat on a pork butt so it won't be dry without this step, but it's common to do this with pork.

The general rule I use for chuck roasts is the same I used here - 325 for about 60 minutes per pound, but check it. The thing about beef and pork is the amount of fat will differ from roast to roast - unlike chicken, which can be pure science on cooking times - the cooking times will vary. If it's not falling apart, it's not done yet.

I serve with flour tortillas, diced onion and cilantro and guacamole. YUM.


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  1. Beautiful in its simplicity. And pork roast rules!

  2. Wow! This is stunning! Such a gorgeous background. Your projects on the video or fabulous too. TFS.

  3. I so love this technique- really packs alot of punch for a background!
    I am allergic to pork..... so Beef for me if I eat red meat..... My husband smokes a good pork roast : ) He lathers it in mustard, then puts a rub with garlic, onion, pepper, etc..... slow cook in smoker until temp reaches 195. Pork butt cooks way slower due to all of the fat in it (last one 8# took 22 hours)...

  4. So cool! I need to try this background technique!


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