Sunday, November 14, 2021

Hello There!

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It's EARLY on a Sunday, but the weather is gorgeous, and I have a crafty day ahead, so I'm excited.

We have a bit of a mystery happening in the backyard that I've been trying to figure out for about a month. As I'm not there yet, I will not be revealing details of the investigation - we can't compromise this FBI-level inquiry! But it definitely was first on my list this morning.

So it's nice to take a crafty break with some things I've been working on for a few weeks.

I'm putting my favorite first - this unbelievably gorgeous, and maybe my age is showing, but very 70s nostalgic image. She's so beautiful. I love this series because they are so mod/retro/pop. 

Perfect for a bright gel print - just stamped in Nocturne on top of this vivid print. Then I cooled it off with this blue glitter paper and this word die. SUPER faint on the left is this plumeria stencil in Rocky Slope Ink.

Plus breaking news - every Life Changing Blender Brush full set now comes with a free 6x6 stencil, so that is fun. Company choice of stencil

The wreath stamp I used for a non-traditional Christmas card is really more of an all-year stamp, but I was feeling the Feliz Navidad for this! One of the things you'll notice about Christmas decorations in south and central Texas is that the influence of Mexico on decor at the holidays is especially fabulous in terms of COLOR. We had this gorgeous import store not far from my house where I got my life sized St. Francis statue, carved from Mexican mesquite (a much bigger, hardier and harder tree than the US version), and oh how I loved shopping near the holidays - everything was just so much more colorful. The owners drove to Mexico every two weeks to stock the store, and you never saw the same thing twice. I really, really miss that place and those people. I bought this beautiful ornament one year that had hot pink and lime green that is on my tree every year, and that inspired this card. The sentiment is from this set.

The reason I can't show you the ornament today is that I'm still doing the holidays in order, so I'm still stuck on fall. I'm mad at my photo of this card, because that back tree is actually a citron color, but in my photo it looks so similar to the yellow in the front tree. I used this paper for the backdrop that I cut with these mini slim dies, but the orange part in the background is from a Gel Press print in a video you will see soon. The sentiment is from this set. The trees were cut from watercolor paper and painted with Daniel Smith Watercolor. The mini slim card I buy pre-cut and scored here.

I don't know why I've never thought of this before with these zodiac girls, but I cut the Aquarius image in half and colored them and then put them next to each other - so much fun! The background is a Gel Press print that I sponged white ink on through the Plumeria stencil. The green glitter paper I used is here.

Finally, a really fun large floral stencil of a rose is gorgeous with Paper Glaze! I used Santa's Favorite Colors and Grass Greens and then added this sentiment.

I should have flipped the print upside down so the red part of the rose wasn't on that pink part, but some things are just easier to see when you take a picture, right? The green has such gorgeous gold tones in it.

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I hope you have a great rest of your weekend - Thanksgiving is almost upon us!


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