Monday, November 22, 2021

Marker Transfer Squirrel

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I was noticing the other day how my squirrels have changed in the last few months, and it's so drastically different between the males and females that I'm really wondering what's happening.

About a month ago, the males turned BRIGHT orange in the sort of dull orange areas around their ear floof and on their tails. 

Clarence got slightly more orange, but not like the males.

It makes sense, if these squirrels lived somewhere where the leaves changed, because obviously it's free camoflauge. But we don't have fall, and our trees don't lose their leaves in fall - live oaks lose their leaves in the spring. 

And why were the males so much more pronounced? 

Then, last week, I noticed that the males were SO FAT!!! Even Blind Baby is so chunky, and he was always super scrawny, most likely because life is harder for a blind squirrel. (Unless you have me, of course!) If you're friends with me on FB you can see several photos and videos of these changes.

Even Tail, who was so sleek and muscular looks like a cartoon of his former self!

But Clarence is exactly the same, and so is Speedy Baby, who I believe is a girl too. 

Do female squirrels do something different in the winter? Is her nest full of pecans? It's very strange.

Anyway, today I have a squirrel for you that I did with an oldie-but-goodie technique - alcohol marker transfer. I stamped this image on copy paper and then just colored it on top of my cardstock panel. In this tutorial for the technique, Kathy uses coloring book pages - and those are even better than copy paper - you want the paper very thin. 

I love the abstraction you get with this technique. This is a beautiful image on its own, but it looks like a  little painting now. Fun. (Oh and they have all their Marabu alcohol INK on sale right now, speaking of alcohol.)

I filmed this card, but decided to ditch it because my hand was in the way the whole time, and it just didn't make for a great video. 

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Happy Monday - Loveyameanitbye.

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