Monday, November 1, 2021

Paint Markers on Black Cardstock + New Technique Class + A Few Thoughts on "Animals"

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I was talking to my mom the other day and we were lamenting the way people are acting in public right now - in stores, on planes - it's just shocking to see any news most days. So we were talking about how kids learn manners, and she told me a hilarious story about a friend and the way she and her husband raise their kids. 

I was a teacher, and manners was a HUGE part of what I was teaching third graders (and later, adults, both in my job at Splitcoast and my time as an HR director - you really never stop trying to teach people manners). Simple things like please and thank you were daily lessons, and my mom said another teacher required each child greet her as they enter the room, which is really such an important thing - acknowledging other humans. Basic, but important.

So a friend of hers, if her children are not doing some of these basic things, greeting people, saying please or thank you etc., she and her husband will ask the kids - "oh - are there animals in the room?" or "are you an animal today?" and I loved that. It's teaching manners, but also just the value of humanity - understanding that the way we behave around each other separates us from other animals. I can't decide if some of the bad behaviors we are seeing now are just a bunch of people who weren't raised to be mannerly, or if that's something you can unlearn. I really hope it's the former. But I would love for a flight attendant to get on the loudspeaker on a flight and let everyone know there's an animal on the plane when some nincompoop is having a tantrum.

Recently I've been making more black cards - I love black backgrounds for drama and contrast.

I made a few videos of my process with these brush-tip paint markers - it was so fun to experiment with a new medium - that has been a while for me! I never really created anything I loved with gouache, so these markers are a happy find that lets me get a look similar to gouache, and I just love the way they look with dark cardstock. They have that glowy feel, like Luminance pencils do. 

I actually love them so much I'm having an online class with them! You can sign up for this technique class here - I will show you a few different ways to use these markers, and how they work on different surfaces. One of the things I love about them on black cardstock is that you can get transparency, as I have done here. I do have a coupon code for 15% off on these markers if you want to register for the class - that info is on the registration page. 

For today's card using this beautiful floral image, I first stamped the image in white ink, and then used the pigment markers to color them. I embossed the sentiment in white.

I love the way these glow on this black cardstock!

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So what do you think - can you unlearn manners? Let me know what you think in the comments. 


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