Friday, November 26, 2021

Have an Adventure Every Day

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I took a Dina Wakley art journaling class this week, and I really think half of her art instruction is really just fantastic life advice for creatives. 

She just has a way of saying things that are so calming and helpful and USEFUL.

She was talking about the process of "fixing" something you've made you're not happy with, and she said something so simple - and that is that the best way to FIX paper - is to cut it up! It's so true! I was thinking about so many of the Gel Press prints I was unhappy with that were so beautiful torn up for collage or other projects. Even just die cutting a "bad" print focuses and improves it. 

She's such a great teacher in so many ways. I highly recommend ANY of her classes.

Today - SURPRISE - one of the cards I'm showing you is a squirrel! Clarence, to be exact! This image was actually colored by Jammie Clark! These beautifully colored squirrels were used in a make & take at a show, and Mary Ann was nice enough to send me a few, so I chose the brown one for today's card because it so perfectly matched this beautiful watercolor/alcohol ink style paper pad! You'll see what some of the other colors look like below. The sentiment I built with these stickers - something I'm enjoying a lot more lately! So I did literally no work to create this card!

I really did work for this next card though. This is MaryAnn's new bunny set from her newest illustrator! I took a particularly Monet-ish brayer cleaning sheet from the Gel Press session where I created some fabric you will see in a sec.

Then I colored the bunny's artwork to match the print, and gave him some messy watercolors in his palette. So sweet.

The print that I was making when I created that background is this and I uploaded it as a fabric to Spoonflower! I made it so I could make a handmade journal with it, but then I thought someone else might like it, so I'm leaving it out there! Go take a peek and see if you don't recognize the colors above!

So for my second bunny I thought I'd make him a dark grey like my friend Libby's daughter's beloved Silver Bunny. I started with a base layer of alcohol marker and then added three different colors of Polychromos for his fur. I used two of the other watercolor papers from the pack for his background. There's a fun rainbow one too.

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Hope you've had a good holiday and have lots of leftovers!


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  1. That new paper pad is awesome! And I love the cards you created❤️ So pretty!


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