Friday, August 20, 2021

VIDEO: How about some Kit-TEAs

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At one of my retreats, we did a super fun, late night session in the kitchen where we watercolored with instant coffee - doing different amounts of water to get different tones. 

The instant coffee we used was these little rock like things - I can't remember the brand. But I popped them in my retreat box, because I figured - it's little coffee rocks - they'll never go bad. But when I opened them at the next retreat, they were moldy - so they don't live forever. 

But in an experiment for another retreat, I discovered some magical properties of one of my favorite teas - Hibiscus. 

Whenever I would go out to eat with my dad - who drank GALLONS of tea every day - he would give a speech to the waitstaff when he ordered his tea that went something like this. "I would like iced tea. I don't want it to taste like roses, or camels, or waving fields of canola or candy canes or ocean waves or tropical breezes or silly string - I WANT JUST TEA. DO YOU HAVE JUST TEA." It was always very dramatic, and every now and again, we'd be at a place where the only tea option was passion flower mustard seed mint mango surprise, and the level of disgust on his face when he opted for water was HILARIOUS.

I, on the other hand, have no such standards. While I love plain black iced tea the best, I'm 100% willing to try your strawberry jujube tea. At least once. And I hate water, so I'd definitely never choose that. 

My pantry is full of flavored teas, and one of my faves is this Hibiscus tea. I like it hot and cold.

But anyway - before this retreat, I wanted to see if some of the teas with flowers and fruits would make pretty watercolors, and indeed - they do. Not all, but the Hibiscus is very dramatic - AND the color changes as you'll see in the video! So for this first card, after I soaked the teabag to get the splatters you'll see in my second card, I cut it open and put the wet tea leaves all over a piece of watercolor paper and just let them sit and I got the wash on this card. In the video I'll show you how to do the fur detail on these little kitties I used.

This kitty is sized purrfectly for a mini-slimline so I splattered the panel with tea, colored and die cut the kitty and matted it. 

Here's the video!

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How do you like your tea? Cold? Hot? Flowery or black? In Texas, tea is our water. UNSWEET - do not even start with me on sweet tea. That was brought to Texas by interlopers in the 90s. Unsweet used to be the only option at restaurants for most of my life. Ah, the good old days.

Hope you have a great weekend!


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  1. I love your tea story! I am the polar opposite of your dad. I like herbal teas, particularly spicy bends. I absolutely HATE the black tea that most restaurants pour out of a huge dispenser. They dont even understand me when I ask if they brew their own tea. Im going to try your hibiscus tea. It sounds wonderful , and such a gorgeous color!!!

  2. Aww! I love both cards. The three little kitties have my heart! Your story about your dad makes me smile. I now want a 2nd cup of tea! I am also heading over and putting that tea in my cart. To drink AND to create! :)


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