Friday, November 13, 2020

Sweet Treats + Falliday Fest Tutorial

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Many years ago, in a galaxy far, far away - I used to go to Starbucks as soon as they opened - 5:30. I ordered the same drink every day and then headed to work. I loved those people that worked there - I didn't even have to tell them what I wanted - as soon as I pulled up, they knew.

I've been working from home for more than ten years, so that's a bit of a distant memory, but I do miss bringing them holiday gifts. Probably twelve years ago, I made 50 of today's project and brought them to my Starbucks and listened to them squeal at the cuteness! 

I learned this cute idea at a local crafty co-op (that I miss in the pandemic) back when they first opened. They didn't use nuggets - they used painted tongue depressors - so if you have food allergies like I do and these nuggets aren't an option - there are lots of things you can make that look similar.

This is for today's Falliday Fest tutorial blitz - so be sure you're playing along! We have challenges and 6 holiday tutorials for you.

I have a video for you on the process and some rambling about fast food workers!
Click HERE if you don't see a video player.

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[ AMZUS ] Cooraby 6 Pairs Kids...
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Hope you have a fun weekend planned. 


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  1. I see Amazon has added a bunch more colors that will make two tone hats! These make me smile.

  2. I see Amazon has added a bunch more colors that will make two tone hats! These make me smile.

  3. Aren't these adorable Lydia!!! So fun and creative!

  4. What a darling project. Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. So adorable! Thank you for sharing the idea and for the video.


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