Thursday, November 5, 2020

Background and Foreground Distinction Tips

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Hey friends! I'm back with a FOX! And a few tips on creating perspective in your cards. 

One of the hardest art lessons I had to learn was the concept of light and dark for background and foreground images. For some reason, I always tended to reverse them, and make my backgrounds dark and my foregrounds light. But it you go to the park and look around, you'll notice that the trees that are farther away from you are lighter than the trees closer to you. So today's card is an illustration of that art lesson.

To start, I used the Woodland Forest Stencil (back in stock in just a few days - check back) and Soft Granite Ink to lightly ink blend my card panel. Then I stamped the tree, which I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT in Intense Black on top of that. This tree has a matching die, and I don't care if Halloween is in the rearview, I'm making some spooky cards with this. Finally, I stamped the fox from Winter Tree and Animals in Red Royal, die cut him, and in another way to manipulate perspective, I put him in front of the tree, and let his little tail hang out of the frame just a bit. Both the color, and this frame breaking enhance your perception that he is the closest to you. Isn't he the sweetest?


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  1. Dang it Lydia. Thought I could pass on the Fox then your card tells my heart I “need” him. Beautiful. Patiently waiting until he comes back in stock 😊


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