Monday, November 30, 2020

CASE Me a Christmas Card

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Hi friends! 

I'm here today as part of my friend Michelle's CASE me a Christmas card series this year and it's such an honor to be asked! I'm CASEing a card of hers, and she's CASEing one of mine! I used a super fun Diecember die based on the card that inspired me, which you can see here

I LOVE the clean style of this card, and as I was making notes to turn it into a Christmas card I thought to myself - why don't we ever see yellow Christmas cards? It's in the heart of the "dark months" as we used to call them, and who wouldn't want some cheery yellow up in their holiday eyeholes?

So I decided to make a VERY non-traditional, clean, yellow Christmas card with just a holiday season theme.

If you search "bee" on Michelle's Blog you will find a LOT of beautiful bee cards! And she has such a way with color!

So to make this card, I first covered two different colored yellow cardstocks with packing tape and cut them with this super modern set of dies - I left the dies tabbed together to create these three openings in a line, but you can cut them apart to use them separately. 

Then I pieced the shiny yellow pieces back into the openings cut with the dies. The shiny tape makes them look like honey! Then I added the bee from this stamp set and coordinating dies, a white snowflake from these dies, and the sentiment from this set. I used this snowflake die to add a white snowflake and these embellishments in the center!

Simon Says Stamp HEXAGON TILE Wafer...
[ SSS ]
Picket Fence Studios I BEE FIERCE...
[ SSS ]
Picket Fence Studios I BEE FIERCE...
[ SSS ]
*Honey Bee Holiday Traditions Gem...
[ SSS ]
Honey Bee OH CHRISTMAS BEE Clear...
[ SSS ]
Picket Fence Studios WINTER...
[ SSS ]

No reason to stay inside the box for our Christmas cards in this wacky year, right? Bees it is!

Thanks for having me Michelle! I couldn't bee more honored!


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  1. Love your yellow Christmas card!

  2. Super cute! I love your Bee Card... and those honey 🍯 Hexagons look amazing

  3. I love this idea, and I use your packing tape idea a lot, so easy, especially when I remember to wait for the ink to dry, haha


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