Friday, April 12, 2019

Easy Atmospheric Watercolor & Some Sheep in a Box

Do you have techniques that terrify you?

I remember when I was starting to watercolor - I treated it like a game of Operation - I was so careful and tried to be so precise.

As a result, I was completely miserable.

Precision is only your friend if you're a neurosurgeon or the like.

For watercolor, you need mental yoga and a sense of peace. Watercolor can sense fear.

I'm teaching the technique I'm going to show you today at JunkieFest in Minneapolis, and at my retreat in May, so I hope you like it. It's a fun way to learn to embrace loose watercolor and atmospheric effects.

I used the following in the video you will see below:

And look what I made! I didn't have the heart to cut it down or stamp over it.
It was fun, relaxing, and surprisingly quick. Start to finish even with filming in four separate segments took 22 minutes. I hope you try it.

I used the new Water Media Mat in an unexpected way for this and it was perfect for the technique - everything is so soft and blended. You can preorder the mat here, and if you have to have it right now, it's in stock here. I love this thing, and it's always on my desk. Nina is a genius, plain and simple.

She has tons of new stuff today, but I have some chaos around me, so I'm only able to bring you two projects today, but I squeed a little making this one. 

I turned the super duper fun box die into a gift card holder. The die cuts a slot in the box because you can make it 3D, as you can see here, but I thought a gift card holder might be fun instead.

I stamped the sheep from this set on watercolor paper, and watercolored them. Don't ask me why I think sheep blush - it's none of your business!

I die cut them and the balloon, and snuggled them into the box. This whole shebang is part of a fun birthday bundle right now, or you can get the sheep and box die separately.
Then I cut a second box, making sure the back side was touching a clean plate so it didn't get etched going through my die cutting machine.

I used this piece to form the back where the gift card is, tucked into that slot the die makes.

So cute and easy.

Here's the video for the watercolor technique, but come back for my giveaway!

Okay - you're back? Good

I have a $25 gift certificate to give away to Waffle Flower, and I really want you to win it. So leave me a comment ON YOUTUBE HERE  by 4/15 and tell me what intimidates you about watercolor. The giveaway is conducted over there. Giveaway is open to international winners Winners will be announced 4/17 on the Waffle Flower blog.

Here, leave me a comment and tell me when summer arrives where you live. We all need a little summer.

Hope you enjoy the technique! Loveyameanitbye.

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  1. Says the video isn't live for another 55 minutes, so I'll have to come back tonight ... gorgeous effect.

  2. Your watercolor is gorgeous and you always inspire me! The sheep in the box are darling! I don't know why all my animals blush either but they are cuter that way! Summer arrives any day here! We really never know when. I have been pleasantly surprised in having a couple of months of spring before the full force of summer hits. You never know here. Some years we go from winter to summer just like that. I expect summer any day now but for the moment the yellow pollen is under control and it's absolutely gorgeous here.

  3. The arrival of summer is all over the place here. Sometimes it's here by early May; sometimes a month or so later. All I know is - I'm ready for consistently warm weather to get here! Love this video - how would you do this technique in the absence of the water media mat? Would you just have to add water during the process to keep your paper wet? I'm sure this mat will find it's way to my desk sometime! To think I could have picked it up at Create! Darn!

  4. Love the sheep in the box. Fun idea.
    Spring has finally sprung - had the windows
    open for about 5 days but it's getting chilly
    again so I'm having to close up and wait for
    next week when spring returns. Can't wait
    for the hot. thanks for sharing

  5. Wow - who knew! I love this and thank you for showing how to achieve it!!

  6. Summer has extended rehearsals here. Sometimes they start early, like in February, and take a break for a while, resuming off and on in April. Usually Winter gives a cameo around my birthday the day before tax day. Summer conducts intense practice for a time, with a chance of a final winter performance between May 3 and May 14. Usually it bows out after the 21st and allows Summer to take the stage.
    Love what you did with the watercolor...just beautiful!

  7. I love watching you watercolor and listening to you! This is Beautiful!!! <3 Yes, perfection is for serial killers! :)

  8. Love the watercolor. What intimidates me about watercolor? Most likely it is my mother's talent at it. In my mind she was brilliant at it.
    Spring is here and it is glorious! We did have a false start to summer last week as it was over 90 degrees. We know what is it is good to enjoy these days as much as we can in the desert southwest!

  9. You continue to amaze me. Looking forward to retreat and JF. You make my heart smile ♥️
    Love you, mean it, bye😘

  10. I cant get your video to go. It loads but wont start. Pretty watercoloring

    1. Hi Lara - thank you! That probably means your flash player is out of date. You can update to the most current version of your browser or go to

  11. Watercolor doesn’t really scare me but I feel that I won’t be able to do it well because I don’t have the artistic eye.

  12. I love that watercolour! The sheep are so cute :) Summer arrives in fits & starts here on the wet, er, west coast. Climate change means the heat comes earlier, in July, but August is always the real scorcher (not a Texas like scorcher, but a west coast heat, you know?)

  13. Great video and I love the inspiration card. I think the water media mat is the next big thing in the crafting world! Love how thoughtfully it is designed. Watercolouring scares me as I never know when to stop. And my stuff often ends up looking like a hot mess!

  14. I love to watch you watercolor and I didn’t get to take your Junkiefest class so much will need one on one time in please 💙

  15. I tend to think summer comes in May when the snow is off a certain mountain peak and that indicates time to plant. But the heat usually doesn't hit until August. Beautiful painting!

  16. I haven't done a lot of watercoloring, so I just need to jump in and get my feet wet (or my watercolor paper Summer has been here (Florida) for quite a while - I think it was up to about 85 degrees today. I have had to have the a/c on a few times already, but I mostly leave the windows open as much as I can. I will probably have them open all night long to cool the house down.

  17. Love your water colouring. Summer has been and gone for us here in Australia (Dec thru Feb). Autumn is here now with its milder days and cooler nights. Spring starts about September for us.

  18. Summer is a bit wack a mole around here. It comes and goes. We have already had a few summerish days. The year I moved here January was gorgeous and we had left a blizzard.

  19. What a beautiful process and card.. Love the analogy of the ugly duckling before the beautiful ending. It's so true that we tend to want to be perfect with our crafting but art should be a time to let go and have fun☺️. This process reminds me of under painting. Love this new mat. It's now on my wish list.

  20. What amazing video and thanks for sharing these useful tips for watercolouring!
    I live in Italy and Summer's right around the corner.

  21. I like your technique. I am going to have to try that. We thought spring was here but we just had a snowstorm. Summer is typically here in June.

  22. I love that trick with the water under the paper, and the "hot mess" portion of the video. Beautiful end result. I can see that the new water media mat would be great addition to my house!

  23. Love your card Lydia. What intimidates me about watercolor is exactly what you showed here. How to do the washes, especially around flowers that seems to come so easy to some people. I need a guru who is the best wash-maker in the world to give me some lessons.

  24. Love seeing it all come together. Very pretty. Thank you for sharing with us.

  25. Here in the Pacific Northwest, we have had fits-and-bits of summer. I am old enough to know it all cycles and it will change again! :D

  26. Beautiful card!
    Thanks for sharing...


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