Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Minimalism is Swanderful

When I got my new computer last summer, (I'm pretty hard on hard drives because of my job - my computer is always on, and frequently rendering video) I resolved to keep it clean.

When I photograph my cards, I take multiple photos in case the focal point isn't right, or the camera shakes, etc. On my old computer, all the unedited photos stayed in the folders containing my edited photos. Sometimes dozens, depending on how bad my photography was that day.

I also had a billion downloaded files that I never cleaned up. Memes, cat pictures, temporary files I needed one time and never deleted.

On this computer, I'm much better. I didn't restore my Carbonite backup of my old PC to this one. I just suspended that backup, froze it on the Carbonite site, and started a new backup of my new PC. So if I *need* an old file, I can go get it, but that is surprisingly rare.

After I edit photos now, I delete all the unedited ones from that folder.

That makes it much easier for me to find projects that I've completed and edited the photos for, but haven't blogged.

Like my card today. This was a booth sample for Creativation that I hadn't had a chance to blog yet. I never would have noticed it on my old computer - it would have been buried, especially since I created it in November. But because there's no trash in the folders, this image was on the little preview for the folder and I spotted it!

This stamp set is fun because it includes the reflection image - no need to do a reflection technique to get a perfect shadow of the swan on the water. The rest of the card is just masking and sponging. Simple and really fun.

First, I stamped the swan image in Soft Granite, with the outline in Intense Black. The beak is Butter Bar and Orange Soda. Then I stamped the outline onto masking paper and cut it out and masked the bird. Then I stamped the reflection in Dusty Blue, which was too blue for me, so I overstamped it with Soft Granite. Then I used Post-It tape to mask the water line, and used stencil brushes to apply Dusty Blue to the water. Then I moved the tape to the other side of the waterline, and brushed Butter Bar on the top half. I cut a circle with the infinity dies, and placed that over the bird, and brushed Cotton Candy Ink above that.
Color Layering Swan Bundle
[ HA | SSS | ELH ]
Circle Infinity Dies (H)
[ HA | ELH | CST ]
Avery Self-Adhesive Removable Laser...
Cotton Candy Mid-Tone Shadow Ink |...
[ HA | ELH | SSS ]
Orange Soda Shadow Ink | Hero Arts
[ HA | ELH | SSS ]
Hero Arts Butter Bar Shadow Ink
[ HA | ELH | SSS ]
Dusty Blue Shadow Ink Pad | Hero Arts
[ HA | ELH | SSS ]
Soft Granite Shadow Ink - Hero Arts
[ HA | ELH | SSS ]
Hero Arts Intense Black Ink
[ HA | ELH | SSS ]
Post-it Labeling and Cover-Up Tape ,...
Claritystamp STENCIL BRUSHES Set of 4...
[ SSS | ELH | MFT | CRF | ART ]
MISTI Stamping Tool
[ MSW | HA | SSS | ELH | SBC | MFT ]
Absorber - Synthetic Cleaning Cloth
Whisper White Cardstock - Thick
[ SUP ]
Rotatrim Professional Series Cutter -...
[ BLIC ]
05816-1008 - Da Vinci Cosmotop Spin...
[ BLIC ]
Bone Folder by Stampin' Up!
[ SUP ]
Multipurpose Liquid Glue by Stampin' Up!
[ SUP ]

I don't want to create a digital landfill, which is what I not so affectionately called my old computer.

Minimalism is swanderful :).



  1. I'm going to suppose this card is in the mail to me (so that I can sign it and send it to you)? I love it! Perfect simplicity!

  2. This card is beautiful! Yikes, another stamp set for my wish list.

  3. Yes. You are my people. ALL the photos. Your swan is stunning. I'm gonna snuggle up to some minimalism soon. Thanks for the perpetual inspiration.


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