Thursday, July 2, 2015

You're So Vintage!

Recently we went and saw Jurassic World with my friend Katherine - which was great - I loved Chris Pratt from Guardians of the Galaxy and Parks & Rec - and this movie was fantastic. (Provided you're ready to suspend your disbelief and just have fun for a few hours).

I read Jurassic Park in one sitting when it came out, and I remember being surprised at what a TERRIFYING book it was, despite the subject matter - and it made me feel silly for being scared. Michael Crichton was one of my favorite writers and I'm sad that he's gone. I still think he was secretly droned for writing Micro. They'll get Richard Preston next!

I think I've only ever read one other book in one sitting and it's still one of my favorites - and that was Into Thin Air. If you haven't read this - DO IT TODAY! (But clear your schedule first).

I've noticed as I've gotten more vintage and the internet has become a bigger part of my life, that I don't read physical books anymore, and I miss it sometimes when I think about these favorite books. I listen to a lot of audio books, and I read things occasionally on my Kindle, but I stamp in all the time I used to read in, I think.

I never was a newspaper reader - the large format and gross transferable ink (hold the irony - I know I'm covered in ink all the time now) - never appealed to me. I do like magazines, but there are fewer of the ones I like being published, and so the only two left that I regularly read are Martha Stewart Living and an occasional crossword or puzzle magazine.

So since I have dinosaurs on the brain and I'm pondering becoming vintage, I had a great idea to combine two new stamp sets - No Bones About It and That Thing You Did for a hilarious result. Look how much he looks like Michael Crichton's original Jurassic Park book cover - makes me laugh. I love this set.

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Hilarious right? Now what old person am I going to send this to for their birthday?? Heh.

And look - I even used GREEN! Cucumber Crush is the perfect dino-green!

Before I go - two things -

I will be closing registration for my Convention Retreat & Happy Hour soon, so please register if you haven't already!

I will be OPENING registration for my fall retreat - which is the weekend of October 16th - 18th, on August 1st, at 5 PM Central time. This retreat is at a GORGEOUS home in South Austin - I can't wait. Here are some more sneak peeks of the venue.

Cool, eh?

We are going to have a great time! And if you come to my retreat and love the house, I'll have a special deal for you if you want to rent it for your own event! Sharing is caring! :)



  1. They did a great job with the movie, didn't they?! I took my teens and we had a great time! Fun card!!!!

  2. Heheheh - someone will LOVE this card Lydia! At least to me - it's a compliment to be vintage!!! Love that you did this one... perfect for the trend of the movie being such a hit. Happy 4th sweet gal - you always make me smile. j.

  3. Love your card! And, Into Thin Air is one of my favorite books, too. Love that author.

  4. LOL, love this awesome card! And just in time for Jurassic Park to hit the big screen!


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