Saturday, July 18, 2015

The Cheese Voice

I've recently made a few discoveries that I think are worthy of the Nobel Prize.

One of the most important ones is the cheese voice.

I have two very ornery creatures living with me, as you know. Smart, ornery creatures.

So when I call them to try to put them up so I can set the alarm and leave, they ignore me. I have to chase them around, try to lure them with treats, throw mice - do everything but lasso them or taser them.

HOWEVER, when I get out a piece of cheese to give them a treat, and I say just PART of a syllable of one of their names, they come SCREAMING out of wherever they are and start trilling these cute little trills and hopping up and down like furry Mexican jumping beans.

This will happen even if they are sound asleep at the time that I start to speak in my apparently unique cheese tones.

I cannot tell the difference between my cheese voice and my regular voice. But they can, because apparently their very survival depends on it.

I've even deliberately tried to disguise my cheese voice with an exaggerated weird clown voice - it doesn't work. They can detect cheese voice underneath my greatest acting skills. It's kind of spooky actually.

I've tried the opposite too - I've tried to fake the cheese voice when I'm trying to get them to do something I want them to do - this is completely ineffective. One cannot fake the cheese voice. Apparently cheese actually has some sort of transmogrifying effect on my vocal chords.

Which it should, because cheese is magical. That's probably all we need to know.

You know what else is magical? This month's Paper Pumpkin.

This is without a doubt the CUTEST kit we've ever had. I have two subscriptions because I like to gift one every month - to new team members, to my friend in Bryan in the art program at the assisted living center - or to someone I've never stamped with before, but it will be hard to give one of these away, I'm not gonna lie.

I combined it with the Garden in Bloom set and some sponging for a beautiful desert scene.

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SQUEE! I just love it.

Here's a quick video on how I made it.

Here's a link to the mask paper I reference in the video.

And I added a new Blue2You class today - it's a digital only class - from my real live card class today - so head over to my Online Class section and check it out. I have a fun bonus there for you too. :).

Don't forget - my live convention coverage starts Tuesday. Tune in for a week of high desert shenanigans and MAYBE some prizes :)



  1. I have a tuna fish voice for one of my fur balls, the other is way smarter and is on to my tricks.

  2. Darling card. Thanks for the tips on using the reinkers and the shading with the blender pen. Also, your description of your little critters and the cheese is hilarious. Thanks for the extra smiles.

  3. Cheese voice...hmmm. I must have one of those, too. My little terror can discern it but I don't think anybody else can. The blending on your card is gorgeous. The way it frames those perfectly colored succulents is lovely.

  4. You are my favorite blogger! Rarely to I leave your blog without a smile. I know about the voice. Totally get it. But I have three visibly Chihuahua's that can tell which drawer in the fridge is opening and which package is coming out. Open the produce drawer, nothing. Open the meat drawer and grab sausage, nothing. Open the meat drawer and grab deli meat, I'm about knocked down! Beautiful card, love your blending tips. Keep it up!

  5. I just love the "cheese voice" post!! You should be a writer as well as an awesome carmaker!!!

  6. I love that you always have alternative products to what is normally used (your masking product) - thanks for the tips!

  7. I'm catching up on some old emails so I'm just now reading this post and it is laugh out loud worthy! :) I've experienced this same exact phenomenon with my two miniature dachshunds and Kraft singles cheese! Doesn't matter if they are sound asleep in another room, as soon as they hear the cheese wrapper they come running, barking and whining, jumping up and down, standing on hind legs to get a closer sniff, pushing each other out of the way in an effort to be first, and ultimately acting like their next breath is 100% dependent on getting a bite of cheese! WTHeck?! Also, anything with a crinkly wrapper draws their attention as well, but to a MUCH lesser degree. The saying around our house is, "It must be food!". LOL :)


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