Tuesday, July 28, 2015

But Not In A Creepy Way...

You are amazing.

I wanted to update you on two really nice things you did for me recently.

First -a note about Damian at Whole Foods.

I went in a few weeks ago and said hi to Damian. He was so happy to see me and wanted to tell me what had happened since I asked you guys to send him cards.

Before it was all over we were both in tears. He said that John Mackey himself had contacted Damian about the cards, because it was a great illustration of how something one of their people does locally can have global consequences - Bridget - he mentioned your card "all the way from Ireland" specifically! The global team recognized him as well, and as a result of all that - he got a promotion -  he's now a trainer for them, so that he can teach people how to be as awesome as he is. He called his supervisors over and I met them as well. They are going to display the cards in the store and we are going to take a selfie in front of them. :)

Then, after convention, I came home to a beautiful card from Alex, who said this:

This might be my favorite card I've ever received. 

Thank you all SO much for your kindness to these two people - your cards DO make a difference in people's lives. It's a heck of a lot more than a hobby or an excuse to hoard glitter. :) Please celebrate the change you made in these two people and continue to mail ALL your cards and be a blessing where you can.

Nowhere was the difference we make with our art more evident than in Salt Lake last week. I can't tell you how many times I heard people say to someone "I stalk you" or "I'm so excited to meet you - I've followed you online for years."

I got to spend some quality time with many of the people I stalk. Here are just a few:

I love Stella even more in real life. And THANK YOU for the gift that was waiting for me at home Stella!

 Diana and I require backlighting for all selfies.

Brian and I are not happy when they tell us we can't bring our kitten in to the opening session.

 Here is a kitten terrorizing everyone as a result.

 Brandi and Andrea are so uplifting!

 And there's no one I'd rather share a fluffy kitten with than Wendy Cranford.

 Here are two of my favorite people in the world - Melody and Jen - concept artists at Stampin' Up! - and their cats.

 Michelle Zindorf and I are each other's favorite people. She brought her kitty too for the photo booth.

As you can see - there are a lot of great people to stalk. And not enough time to really hang out with them all. I was very sad when everyone started leaving, so I thought I had better make them a card to let them all know how much I miss them now that I'm all alone in my studio with just their pictures.

I just want you all to know you're in my thoughts.

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But not in a creepy way. :)

Now that I'm back I can start playing with some of the holiday catalog goodies that we had a chance to pre-pre-order while we were there - my box came today. I will have four new online classes with these products posting this week.

AND - great news - even though the holiday catalog won't be live until September, if you want to purchase them earlier at a discount, they are available as part of the starter kit beginning August 4th - with FREE shipping! The kit comes with instant access to my fun online group, with lots of inspiration, frequent contests and challenges, and great people, as well as access to all my events free or at reduced rates. Why wait? This cute bear and the birch tree embossing folder are waiting for you!

That's all for now - time to catch up on work and life. I'll be back with the holiday online classes and some fun samples soon :).



  1. OK I TEARED UP READING THIS!!!!!! Lydia its because of YOU we all connect to complete strangers and become friends/family!!!!!! Your blog and SCS are where live and laughter live! Love you!

  2. I love Stella McKay, too! She pinned my first-timer's pin on me at my first convention. I was star-struck meeting both her AND Patty Bennett my first convention!

  3. LOVE Ms Stella...she is the most fabulous upline and my Stampin BFF...my the laughs we have when we are together - she is the best room mate ever :-) And you are awesome too Ms Lydia - we really should get together to stamp sometime as you are in Austin and I'm in Volente :-)

  4. I really really missed not being there this year and meeting more amazing people that I have stalked over the years.

  5. Oh man... didn't we talk about this very thing? How just a little gesture turns people's day (sometimes life) around? I am so blessed and honored to be associated with not only SU but with YOU. YOU and all the fun people drawn to you. I hope I can reflect just a tiny bit of the light you give to the world. You are leading us all to greatness, and I don't mean the stamps. Giving. Give give give give give. And take a little kitteh and a broken dipstick to rule the world!

  6. Yay for Damian and Alex and thank you for letting us be a part of something bigger than ourselves! Wish I could have been at convention with you and the kitties.

  7. I agree with everything Kelli wrote!
    I love that card! Seriously cute!!!

  8. LOVE the little kitty peeking out! lol. You are awesome, Lydia...look at the wonderful chain reactions you create!

  9. Just wonderful to hear about the difference our cards made, Lydia! Huge hugs for giving us the opportunity to help! Sharing handmade kindness is my favorite part of card making. Before the ink is even dry, I want to slip my cards into their envelopes and send them out into the world to work their magic! It's so nice to hear what a difference our cards can make! As always, Lydia, thanks for being YOU! ♡Dawn@Petals.Paper.SimpleThymes

  10. Lydia .... thank you so much for sharing the response you've gotten from Damian and Alex .... AND thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to encourage them and make a difference in their lives! Yes, that IS what our card making hobby is all about! It can be a wonderful ministry to others as well as a source of joy for those who make and send the cards!

  11. Welcome back. Missed your posts and kittenpics (that's a lie. I did see a couple on Instagram). Wonderful that the card campaigns for Damien and Alex were so successful. A tribute to them, but also the many caring cardmaking crafters (C-cubed, I call them) in the blogosphere. Glad you had a terrific time and got to catch up with special folks on your trip to Salt Lake City. They are going to love that card, I know I did.

  12. I may or may not have read "Starter kit" as "stalker kit".... But not in a creepy way. Is that bad? Hashtag dying laughing :-P

  13. Loved hearing the updates!

  14. Wow! What a wonderful post this is! It literally made me cry to hear how much joy everyone's cards brought to these two special people! I wish I could say I was one of them, but I didn't find the time. I'm making a resolution right now to MAKE time the next time I see a shout out for cards. It truly does make a difference. :) Thank you, Lydia, for making us all stop and think about someone/something outside of our busy, crazy lives...even if just for the few minutes it takes to drop a card in the mail.

  15. Wonderful updates! This post just makes me smile! So glad you got to take all those kitties to Convention....lol....

  16. Love this adorable card! The sentiment is awesome!

  17. I just saw this post and I was so happy to read Alex's note and see that the cards we sent made a difference. Thank you for helping us spread a little cheer.


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