Monday, July 13, 2015

Blue2You (at last) and Vegan Vampire Lasagne

I finally spent some time this weekend doing something I've wanted to do (and you've wanted me to do) for a long time. This summer it has been especially apparent that because of summer travel schedules, etc. my regular local students have had to miss a few classes and they don't want to miss the content, so I have fulfilled my promise to give them an option to take the classes later.

For those of you who are far away and sad that you can't come to my classes (mostly because I torture you endlessly on Instagram and Facebook with photos of the fun we have) - now you, too can have the classes come to you!

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I have added a page for online classes and you can register any time and immediately receive your instructions, and your kits and stamps will ship within 72 hours. I appreciate those of you who have kept asking me - it feels good to get this up and running.

My current class is a 10 thank you card stamp-a-stack featuring the One Big Meaning stamp set. You will make 10 cards - 3 each of 2 designs and 4 of the third design.

You can choose from one of three options:
  • Local - you are one of my local students, you couldn't make my class and you don't want to miss out on the fun. You will get a class kit, stamp set and instruction and supply download. (Pick up only on the kit).
  • Postal - you are outside of central Texas and want to take the class and you cry every Saturday morning. Stop crying - this option is for you! You will get a class kit, stamp set, instruction and supply download and your kit ships within 72 hours. 
  • Digital - you already have the stamp set and just want the instructions - NOW. Your wish is my command.
Once you have purchased a class, I will add you to my student sharing group on Facebook (by request only - I try not to kidnap people into groups) where we can chat and share ideas.

Now - not stamping related - I am going to bring you one more recipe because I made it for my brother's birthday today and it was AMAZING. It's a veggie lasagne and I just made it up because I had a lot of stuff that had just come out of the garden and MAN did this make a good combo. A friend of mine on Facebook named it vegan vampire lasagne because of my declaration that it was both meat free and garlic free. I REALLY like that name, so it's now immortalized forever. So here you go:

Vegan Vampire Lasagne

A box of oven ready noodles - I like the Skinner ones. 
Sliced provolone
High quality mozzarella
2 yellow squash, sliced thin 
1 1015 or other sweet onion, sliced thin
Real Salt (the best - you just need a tiny amount) 
Fresh basil
Fresh oregano
Mezzetta roasted red bell peppers (1 jar, drained), or home roasted peppers
Crumbled goat cheese - 2 4 oz. containers. 
Large casserole dish or foil lasagne pan - the deep dish kind

Make marinara. Carmelize onions and squash in butter with just a sprinkle of salt. 

Put a little sauce in the bottom of the pan. Put down a layer of noodles. Break noodles to fill in spaces. Sprinkle on one container of goat cheese crumbles. Top with half the squash onion mixture and half the red peppers. Add a layer of sliced provolone, fill in gaps with mozzarella. Top with sauce. Repeat everything starting with pasta.  after you top this layer with sauce, do one more layer of pasta, top with sauce and top with mozzarella. Bake at 350 for 35 minutes. Whisper my name.

Seriously beyond amazing. I know what I'll be having after my walk today.

You know what I'll be doing BEFORE my walk today?

Telling you who won the set of Derwent Inktense pencils!

I have to say - you've all overwhelmed me with your funny comments, sweet comments, generosity and kindness towards Alex, and your talent! Many of you sent me photos of your cards by email, Instagram and Facebook - you are talented people!!! And NICE people.

NICE people like the winner of this giveaway! And after you squeal, don't forget to head over to Sandy's site to see if you are her winner!

Terri  - I love this comment. I agree with you - sometimes a card arrives just at the right moment. That's what our hobby should be all about. Thanks for sharing your talent to uplift people! Please email me using the link in my sidebar with your mailing address and I will get your pretty pencils on the way.

And, your message is timely - I'm sorry to tell you that a beloved member of our crafting community suffered a terrible loss this week. Heidi Swapp - a lovely lady who has brought so much joy to other people through her creativity - lost her son. I cannot even imagine what her family is going through. If you have a moment to share a kind word, please send a card to the address below. 

I'll be prepping for my Salt Lake retreat this week in every spare moment after work, but I do have a video on the way for you that I think you'll love. :) That is, if I can clear the felines off my desk.



  1. I didn't see the link - could you email me - terriavidreader at yahoo dot com. Thanks so much for choosing me to win, and yes, I feel so sorry for Heidi. To be honest, I think this type loss is actually even worse than my losing my husband. I do get joy from knowing my cards have helped cheer someone up but this type of loss is just so heartbreaking.

  2. I will send Heidi a card and am wondering if you ever heard from Damien about the cards people sent him. I hope there were a lot.

  3. So stinking glad you have classes to go now!!! I will definitely be signing up for some of those. Way to go, Lydia!

  4. Congrats to Terri! I totally agree with her about cards being a lost art! I sent Alex a card and will send him a few more during his recovery!

  5. I love the recipes, Lydia! I too was wondering about Damien's cards the other day when I sent one for Alex (seems like Alex wont get his until he returns to work unless a coworker is kind enough to deliver them to him). Will definitely send a card to Heidi too :(


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