Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The Epic Battle of Red and Green

The very first time I picked up a rubber stamp was in (year redacted).

It was a ristra of chile peppers and I had also bought some gold embossing powder and some embossing ink.

Mind you - this was well before the internet, so it was not a video that gave me the embossing bug - I actually don't know where I saw it. Maybe just in the aisles of Hobby Lobby.

Anyway, I brought it home and I stamped and sprinkled. Then I carried the cardstock over to our gas stove, and watched the powder melt and turn gold and I screamed.

A stamping maniac was born.

I got some God-awful cheap markers and I colored those chiles red and green, repeated the process dozens of times, and that became my first handmade Christmas card. I wonder if there's still one kicking around in a box somewhere.

Not one single time in the decades which have passed between that groundbreaking moment and now have I EVER made a red and green Christmas card.

The truth is - I don't believe in red and green. I don't LIKE red and green. Blue and yellow make so much more sense to me than red and green.

But I loved that card, I loved that stamp, and I love that I know exactly when and where the stamping bug bit me.

So when my friends Chriss and Ardyth asked me to guest on the MUSE Christmas visions blog, I knew right where I'd go. Back to the first Christmas card I ever made.

I used what I consider to be "updated" versions of red and green - Ranger Distress Crushed Olive and Ripe Persimmon - because I don't like true Christmas reds and greens, and I decided to sponge stripes of them that looked like little rays of lights.

The greeting is from Wondrous Wreath - and I added Silver glimmer paper, the Metallic Sequin embellishments, rhinestones, and the new thick Whisper White, embossed with the Stylish Stripes embossing folder.

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I made a quick video of this simple card for you, and you can see it here.

Now the cool thing about the MUSE blog is that you use this card as your inspiration and post your own - so let's see what you come up with based on my crazy bright and funky Christmas card!
Thank you to the Muse crew for having me as a guest today - I can't wait to see the cards!

MerryJuneMas! :)



  1. So, so excited to have you as our guest this week, Lydia! I love how you've 'challenged' tradition but still made something that's very festive! Can't wait to see how everyone is inspired by your card!

  2. Love this Lydia! You did fool me though...I anticipated a something blue card, but I LOVE this sponged festive card! Great video too!
    I hope to see it in person this afternoon :)
    The wheels are turning over here and I can't wait to make a card...

  3. This is fantastic, Lydia! So glad to have you guest designing with us this week. Wonderful Christmas card. Great video tutorial, too!

  4. Very nice, Lydia! Non-traditional Christmas colors are my favorites!
    =] Michele

  5. OK just have to tell you that my home is and has been, decorated in red, green, soft hello, off white and milk chocolate for years. I use mostly Eagerly fabrics and so many different shades of green and red! Isn't that a hoot!

  6. What a pretty card with a wonderful story, Lydia! (It brought back such fun memories of embossing cards over my toaster back in the day!) Whenever I see that you have a new post, I smile... and come to visit right away!! ♡ Dawn@Petals.Paper.SimpleThymes

  7. And a MerryJuneMas! to you too - just love your blog so much - always a fun visit and great inspiration - hugs

  8. Wonderful to have you as this weeks MUSE Christmas Visions Guest Designer, Yay! LOVE a non traditional Christmas card!


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