Thursday, June 11, 2015

June Bugs - The Ford Pinto of Insects

My friend Katherine suggested that I should invest in a little June Bug flipper I can carry around in my pocket.

This was after I observed that June Bugs are like Ford Pintos - they really are terribly designed creatures.

Somehow they manage to get inside the house and then immediately fall over and require assistance.

I walk around collecting the little idiots, taking them outside and righting them on a leaf or something so they can go fall over somewhere else.

It makes NO sense to me.

Why don't the genes of the two in 9 billion that can stay on their feet win out?

Why don't they stop pirouetting or standing on their tippy toes or whatever causes them to get stuck on their backs, pathetically wiggling their underutilized legs feebly? Maybe they have inner ear issues and they just get dizzy and plunk down like a kid who has spent too much time on a merry-go-round.

Some JuneBugitarian should take up this cause and help these poor things. They obviously need us.

Anyway - it's time for my UNWIND retreat - and I'm so excited! I have guests from all over the country converging on a little ranch in Wimberley (the site of recent flooding of biblical proportions).

I have 8 fun classes lined up, TONS of amazing prizes, a surprise guest or two and I'm really looking forward to hanging out with a bunch of creative people!

By the way, mark your calendars for a mid-October retreat at a GORGEOUS home here in Austin! :)

Details to come.

In the meantime, I'll leave you with some fun from the Simon Says Stamp Color of Fun release, which I squeaked out some time to play with this week.

I obviously had the retreat on my mind. I LOVE this die that says relax from the Find Your Happy bundle. I just wish I had a stamp that says "Heisenberg says...." :)

I cut it out of Watermelon Wonder cardstock, and stamped the sun image over it in Watermelon Wonder ink and added some Everyday Chic washi tape.

Then I used the Explore Nature set and dies to make a simple card with one of my FAVORITE quotes ever. I love Emerson and I love the spirit of this sentiment, along with the imperfect typewriter style font it's in. To make the green panel, I just swiped their new Catkin (seriously cutest name ever) on some Whisper White cardstock. It's a fun acidic lime color - my fave greens are acidic. Perfect with the Watermelon Wonder on the outline. The solid leaf image is also in Catkin, but stamped off once.

 And we were biting our nails a few weeks ago about whether it would still be flooding. But guess what? It's going to be a bright, bright (bright) sunshiny day. :) You're welcome for the earworm.

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  1. OMG, flashback to the summer after college. I had a puppy who caught a june bug and was holding it in her mouth. All I could hear was "bzzzzzzzz BZZZZZZZZ" and the puppy kept her mouth closed tight and just looked at me. I locked her in the bathroom until she was done with the poor thing. {shudder}

  2. Oh, my!! A few years ago, when the 17-year Cicadas emerged in the Midwest, it was unbelievable. They were attracted by the sound of my lawn mower. So, I had to wear a hat, sunglasses, long sleeves, and long pants to cut the grass. I kept a big, plastic mixing spoon in my back pocket, so that I could scoop (ewwww!) the cicadas off me, so they wouldn't hitchhike inside the house with me! Ugh!! I shudder to think of the next time they return!
    Wishing you a wonderful retreat!! Hoping that I can come next time!! ♡

  3. You made my day AGAIN Lydia. I soooooooo love getting your posts. Yes - Leslie - our 16 year old doggie is now gone but she LOVED eating June bugs!!! Your cards are so fun Lydia. You make it looks so easy - but then, that's why you are you - totally wonderful at creating! THANKS BUNCHES for sharing - smiling still. j.

  4. i hate june bugs and DATES...dates remind me of June bugs. i cannot eat dates. I love your top card especially.

  5. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh - Lydia - you made my week and weekend. How I love your stories!! I am smiling BIG. And yes - Leslie - our 16 year old doggie (now departed) loved to eat June bugs... and never had a tummy ache either!!! I think you are right Lydia, they need a JuneBugitarian to help them!!!!

    Now onto your cards... which one, which one, which one... I think the first one - the RELAX one... is my fav. I am not a great fan of pink but hot pink is better! But I just love the whole LOOK of this card. Normally I would have chosen - hands down - the bright bright card - love the colors and design. I must be in a weird mood to go for the pink!!!!!!!!!!!

    Maybe it's my sympathetic heart for the June Bugs that drew me to the pink!!!!!!!!!!! I always get excited when I see Understand Blue pop up in my mail. THANKS BUNCHES Lydia for taking the time to share your fun Juney story!! XO j

  6. You are so right about the Junebugs! I do the same friend, schooching them over to the door and releasing outside!
    I love the cards, great colours, sentiments and images!


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