Thursday, June 4, 2015

Google Fiber, Blue Roses and Other Mythical Creatures

My sister and I have decided Google Fiber is fake.

It was announced two years ago that "GOOGLE FIBER IS COMING TO AUSTIN!"

All of us on AT&T and Time Warner started marking on the walls of our DSL/cable prisons the days, as they passed, until the end of our bondage.

There was kerfuffle when someone posted a map (I'm pretty sure it was a Google employee) of all the supposed digging permits - HUNDREDS of them - where Google was laying fiber.

Then there were these "signups" for certain neighborhoods (not ours, of course) that were going to be the first to be Fiberhoods.

Except nothing ever happened.

I know someone in the first "Fiberhood" and she's got exactly Jack Squat in the way of Google Fiber. So if the FIRST Fiberhood has Jack Squat two years-ish later, I can only imagine what those of us who haven't been allowed to do the fake signup yet have to suffer through. It's sort of a "this way to the Great Egress" situation, as far as I can tell.

It's best just to move on, at this point, with the knowledge that we are all stuck with service that doesn't allow you to operate Netflix and a dishwasher at the same time.

I think it even says in the Bible that hope deferred makes a person stabby.

(That's paraphrased, obviously.)

You know what DOES come right when it's supposed to?

Your Stampin' Up! order.

Especially if you expedite it, like I did. :) My excuse is the RETREAT so stop scolding me.

I thought the first thing I'd play with was a stamp set, but since I needed to put together my Paper Shares, I actually got sidetracked.


I almost fell out of my chair when I opened it up to cut it into share stacks. I cannot believe how amazing it is. And these flowers were hand drawn by one of the designers - amazing talent.

I decided to bring to life another mythical thing - the fake Japanese blue roses all over the internet - with this paper. And holy cow, are they gorgeous. They are nearly as pretty as a truly high speed internet connection, of which I know nothing. Take a look for yourself. You can see the subtle shimmer I added in this closeup (after watercoloring with FineTec) with the Irresistible Embellisher.

 And here's the full card.

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Aren't those flowers amazing?

I wish I could draw like that.

This card is for tomorrow's Mix-Ability challenge on Splitcoast, but I can't tell you why just yet. So you'll have to play along :).

Here's a quick video on how I made this card, which includes the Endless Thanks Set.

Because I love these so much, I have a special present for some of you. Anyone who places a qualifying order in my store this month will receive via email, a project sheet with detailed instructions and photos for the three cards I'll be making in my monthly card class this weekend.

I never post these online, so I thought it would be a fun reward for all of you who place orders in my store, using hostess code RPZFP7AY. If that's something you like, I'll do it every month.

If your order includes both this paper and that stamp set, you'll also get a surprise via snail mail from me :).

Here's a story on the fake blue roses, which are actually lavender. And also fake.

Although we did grow a "silver" rose at our house in Bryan that sort of resembled these purple roses.

But no one was daft enough to call it a BLUE rose and Photoshop hadn't been invented yet.

Now I know I'm a wee bit late, but I have my winners from the Damian Card Giveaway - thank you ALL for your sweet comments and for sending a card to this nice man. You are GOOD people and I appreciate you all.

To my winners - please use the email me link in my sidebar to send me your mailing address so I can send your stamp sets out!!



  1. Lydia, your card is GORGEOUS!! I definitely need to purchase this pack of paper. What you did with it just blows me away. Love it!!

  2. I WON!!!!! Lydia, thank you so very much for spreading the love and joy! To win anything in life is so rewarding and often, is not frequent enough! The joy of giving cannot be beat but, I can't thank you enough for your "gift to the winner" of this happy adventure! Such Fun! I'd love to read a follow-up post about Damian's reaction some time! :) Thank you for all you do! With stampin' love, Donna

  3. P.S. I LOVE that quote posted by Kate above! Thank you Kate, for sharing!! (Congrats, too!) :)

  4. I just LOVE your posts, Lydia! I always learn something new and exciting. Why have I never ever thought of coloring on DSP? Today's card is so lovely!
    I think we all felt like winners when we mailed off our Happy Mail to Damian! Next time you see him, you must let us know how many cards he received. I'm positive that our little act of kindness is still making him smile! ♡Dawn

  5. Oh My GOODNESS!!!!!!!!! ****faints*****

  6. Amazing, Lydia, and I loved your video! The roses are exquisitely drawn! Wow!

  7. Just beautiful, as always! I love stopping to visit because I always learn something new here, Lydia. Lots of smiles, too! I've never ever thought of coloring on DSP. So many new possibilities!
    We all felt like 'winners' when we sent our Happy Mail off to surprise Damian. Be sure to let us know how many cards he received. The next time you see him, I'm sure he will still be smiling! Thanks for letting us all be a part of this wonderful act of kindness, Lydia! ♡

  8. Love your video Lydia and the roses are amazing!! We will have to appeal to Stampin' Up! to give us a full pack of just this design- love it!!

  9. You always make me chuckle! I saw this card on SCS and wondered if it was THE paper you posted on FB. I can't believe it took the watercolor so well! SU! Makes incredible paper! Thanks for the video!

  10. What a great video and beautiful card Lydia! Thank you for sharing!! :)

  11. Gorgeous card. Too bad there isn't a pack of just this paper.


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