Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Stamp Etching

So I've been hanging onto my Convention swap photo because I was on the calendar to do my Stamp Etching tutorial today for Splitcoast for a long time. Even though I did give you a sneak peek here.

So it's nice to be able to let the image that started it all out of the closet.

When I was procrastinating doing retreat prep, one night I was watching a video about classical etching techniques. Yes, I'm THAT good at procrastinating. You have to practice a LOT to get this good, trust me.

Anyway, I love etchings because of the fine lines in them - necessitated by the needles that they use to create the designs in wax.

I thought that maybe some fine, detailed lines would really change a big bold image like Blended Bloom. So I hit pause on the video, stamped a flower on a scrap of Coastal Cabana and behold - a new style is born!

I loved it SO much I had to text my friend Melanie and swear her to secrecy, since this was going to be both my swap and part of my on-stage presentation.

She gave me the thumbs up, so off I went!

Did you get one of my swaps? I'd love to hear if you liked it! I'd also like to see if you've tried it - I know a few of you have!

Here's the video, with a few additional samples and some tips.

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Like a boss.



  1. Doesn't Etching look pretty. I used to sketch on my binders in High School, and ETCH my sketches through all my boring classes. I wish I would have saved them all, because there were lots of boring brought back sweet memories of etching. I didn't know it had a name back then. I am finding out the names of what I called DOODLING, in fact, has become an art form! Lol...thanks for sharing this method, and the memories.

  2. I just love this technique. I just sent you a PM using the etching on the Hello Buds stamp. Thanks for sharing this technique with us at convention.

  3. you know what? I seen this peek on facebook last month and promptly went to the gallery to toss this into my favorites... ( of course I didn't find it. and then I forgot) so, this is so cool to come across this morning.

  4. This is a great way to you those well used And loved stamps in a whole knew way. Thank you for the video samples, too.

  5. Wooooooooo very striking! Thanks for the tutorial. Took me almost to the end of the video to figure out how to turn off the caption so I could see what you were doing. See? Can always be both a procrastinator AND s-l-o-w to impress yet more people.

  6. I love, love, love this technique!! I've been dying, waiting for your tutorial to come out, Lydia - I just didn't think it could be so easy! Now I'm off to pull out my black Stampin' Write Marker and Blended Bloom stamp to have some fun :) Thanks so much for sharing.

  7. Such a fabulous effect Lydia, thank you so much for sharing the technique and your gorgeous creations. xx

  8. This is a great technique! Thanks for your video. Will have to try this as I always love learning new techniques.


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