Sunday, August 31, 2014

Santa Like Nobody's Watching!

Okay - this might be a surprise to you, but there are only seventeen more Sundays (including today) until Christmas!

(Pauses while you collect yourself).

You okay? Here's the moment where if you were with me right now, I'd get you a cold washcloth for your forehead, bring you some water, and gently pat your hair and your hands while I look into your eyes and ask you if you've accepted procrastination as your personal savior.

Because if you have, this little piece of knowledge has exactly ZERO effect on you, because you're not going to do anything until December 24th anyway! You are FREE!

The peace this grants you is quite something. I highly recommend it.

That right there is the kind of freedom and liberation that only the new Visions of Santa stamp set can adequately express.

I LOVE this quirky and silly set. I describe my stampy style as CAQ - Clean And Quirky - and this is one of my faves in a long time.

I finally had time to play with it yesterday - actually - I didn't have any time at all, so of course that's why I did it. Once you've fully converted to Procrastinism, the light of this feeling will envelop you at all times and bring you joy.

So here is this fully self confident and nutty little Santa, dancing his head off.

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So fun. I watercolored him with Peerless Watercolors, now that they're all organized in my binder. Very quick & easy.

I know some of you are scared of these Santas, with their complete lack of body image issues, but I adore them - they'd fit right in here in Austin! Keepin' it weird, y'all. It's what we do. Confidence is the most attractive quality on earth - shake it, Santa!

Any time you're ready to join me in the pursuit and exploration of Procrastinism, I'm here for you. Putting something off until tomorrow.



  1. Ack! I loved this set the moment I saw it in the catalog. In fact, this is the first set that made me squeal. I love how you used all the images and then highlighted the one and any excuse to use the peerless watercolors is a win in my book. Oh, and even though I've been a lifelong procrastinator, the thought of 17 sundays till Christmas took my breath away.

  2. So. I'm totally okay with Procrastination. I abide by the rule. I follow it as law. But this Santa? Doing deep knee bends and dancing to the soundtrack of "Saturday Night Fever"? A little freaky. Just sayin'. Your card with the watercolor awesomeness, however? Rocks. You even make freaky dancing Santas look not-so freaky. Get out with your bad self! ;)

  3. As the queen of procrastination, your announcement had zero effect on me. :) I love the dancing Santas set, but none of my customers do so, trying to be business-minded (ha!), I haven't ordered it. Yet.

  4. Lydia, your card will enable MANY people to buy this stamp set - SU should definitely give you commissions on this one!! LOL! I'm going to skip this one, however, unless I can get just the moose - I love that moose! And I did buy the DSP. ;-o

  5. I'm right there with ya about that moose! He's so cute! I, too, plan on skipping this one - procrastinating until I can't stand not having that moose any longer... And, yeh, I'll probably buy the DSP...

  6. I love him, too! That's what I dance like in my craft room 17 weekends before Christmas. :D

  7. What a funny card! I'm sure it will give the recipient quite the giggle!

  8. Haha! Love it. :D Also love the "CAQ" - might have to adopt that myself. ;)

  9. LOL you crack me up!!! Your little announcement had zero effect on me...procrastination has penetrated my very soul. This card had me smiling...I might have to check SU! out again if you keep it up.


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