Monday, August 18, 2014

#kindofabigdeal #WACDisney

I love Twitter.

Twitter is somehow cleaner than Facebook.

There's less noise, and more conversations that are one on one and authentic.

There's a wide variety of content, to satisfy even the most #shiny #squirrel personality.

And Twitter has brought me some of the most EPIC challenges.

For example, today, my friend Leslie reminded me of a hilarious blog hop some of us who became friends on Twitter once did - the "Get Ill Soon" challenge - HAHA! OMG I laughed so hard today when she reminded me of this.

You really need people in your life who challenge you to do things, because many times, those things are awesome.

Friday, a Twitter friend - @Clay_Harrison - tweeted a challenge to a few of us. Disney/Pixar/Marvel character - make art and post it.

I ruminated a bit.

I almost used my Undefined hand carved Rocky stamp, since I just saw Guardians of the Galaxy and I loved it.

But then, my friend @ImtheQ posted that she was reading Ms. Marvel. And my wheels started turning. And so did Google images.

But mixed into the Google image search for Ms. Marvel was Marvel Girl.

And OH how I loved the colors in her outfit. So Baylor Bears-y, Green Bay-y and summery and fun.

I could not resist.

So out came my Dress Up Framelits (retired) and my watercolor paper. Out came my Brusho powdered watercolor. Out came my BELOVED Calling All Heros set, my Smoky Slate ink, my #SoSocial stamp set (seriously - how perfect is THAT for a Twitter challenge??), my craft knife and my Crystal Effects.

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I love this card, I'm not gonna lie.

I love the acidic green and yellow of her outfit. I love the bold red of her belt buckle. I love that I was patient enough to let each layer dry so I could do a little detail work on the belt buckle - always hard with watercolor.

I love the confidence.

Being a superhero means you know you're #kindofabigdeal.

They are sure of themselves, which frees them to do great things.

I started reading this book today which starts out with a great quote:

Don't apologize for who you are or the art you create. ~C.J. Rider


Make it for yourself.

Be as confident as a superhero. :)

Besides, you look awesome in a green dress and a mask.



  1. That is pretty epic, Lydia! I LOVE the color of that dress :D

  2. HA! I just had to re-read your Get Ill Soon post. That was so much fun to do!

    And I LOVE your card for your Twitter challenge. God bless Twitter.

    I'm Not Gonna Tweet

  3. I hope this fabbiness stays with me all day long! Thanks for the awesome happy feeling this morning!

  4. LOVE this card. Such great work on the watercoloring.

  5. Oh Lydia, this is just SPECTACULAR!!! Truly inspired!!! Tell me more about the "Creative is a Verb" book - looks like I might be interested in it. Have you read much of it yet?? You should add book reviews to your blog - I collect books (many on Kindle) in addition to stamps and related supplies. I took a quick look at this book on Amazon and this book would DEFINITELY need to be purchased in hard copy!! :-)

  6. Ohhh Ahhh! I am glad I came over here for the fun story and the quote! I listen up when I hear/read the same thing twice in one day!!!!!!!!!

    Beautiful watercoloring and I mentioned that awesome mask on SCS. :) loveyoubye!


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