Sunday, June 1, 2014

Firefly Alert!!

It's my turn to host this month's Challenge Chicks challenge and I decided it would be based on another blast from my past - catching fireflies.

I remember magical twilights catching fireflies in a jar with my Aunt Julia (a redhead, lucky woman - where did THOSE genes go?) in Maryland.

Fireflies are one of those natural wonders that make you think anything is possible when you are little. If a bug can fly around with a light on its hiney, why CAN'T you dig a hole in your yard that goes to China? And why do you get in huge trouble when you try? (Ask me how I know).

They really are magical.

Sadly, thanks to Scott's Weed & Feed and other commonly used landscape poisons, fireflies are mostly gone from Central Texas. If you get far enough away from Home Depot infested lawns, you can still see them in the country, but gone are the days where our yards light up in the evening with these enchanting creatures. If I could find a way (other than blogging about it) to shut down Scott's, I most certainly would. These products also kill birds, fish, and I'm quite sure, us. (End of rant.)

Luckily, I live in a neighborhood where most people understand these products are a terrible idea. And the other day - out in the hill country, Texas Parks & Wildlife reported a firefly sighting! I hope I'll see them again someday.

So today's card is an homage to my lovely red-headed aunt and those magical little beasts, in the abstract. I'm using some sneaky peekies from the catalog, which goes live tomorrow - SQUEE! :) I'm so excited about that that MY butt might light up!! :)

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If you play along with the challenge this month, be sure and use the keyword CHXJUN14 when uploading to Splitcoast so we can find you!



  1. I love memories of fireflies. The same as lightning bugs? We used to make rings out of them. Your card is a nice tribute to them and your aunt.

  2. You should come over to my yard any night of the week, because we have a ton of fireflies! It didn't strike me as odd, until one of my friends almost shrieked with joy when she saw them. I guess the fact that we don't put any of that stuff on our lawn is why we still have them.

  3. We don't have them out here but I would LOVE going to visit cousins in Ohio in the summer time so we could catch some ourselves. Of course, we loved going in winter so we could play in the snow. Great card, btw.

  4. We call them lightening bugs and have so many of them that we saw a pine tree so lit up it looked like a Christmas Tree in June! My kids were little but still remember seeing it 20 years later. We are crawling with them already this summer in SW Ohio.


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