Monday, June 16, 2014

Polarizing Craft Supplies

I was watching a Laura Bassen tutorial the other day and she mentioned how polarizing glitter can be - my words, not hers.

She said it's one of those things that people either love or hate.

Sort of like Miracle Whip.

I have concluded that glitter is the Miracle Whip of the papercrafting industry.

Now, I think Miracle Whip is the work of the devil, but I LOVE glitter.

I am sad for the people who hate it. I try to buy their share of glitter whenever I can to keep them from experiencing any unpleasantness. I'm selfless like that.

One of my most favorite glittery cards I've ever made has lain dormant in my draft posts since last summer's Dare to Get Dirty challenge and I'm so ashamed I never let it shine its little light out in the world. So I present to you - UBER GLITTERY DAHLIA!

My camera, the soul sucking beast that it is, makes my glitter look boring straight on, as you can see below.

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Coastal Cabana and Daffodil Delight are pretty together, eh? That's the Chevron background stamp.

Where do you fall on the glitter divide? For or against?

And I guess, while we're at it - what is your opinion on Miracle Whip?

(steps away while the internet explodes)



  1. Hate miracle whip. Nasty stuff. I like glitter but in small doses. I want them more as an accent not as "OH MY GOSH IN YOUR FACE". (since you asked) I like how your sparkly dahlia looks with the chevrons. Very nice CAS card.

  2. Glitter, glitter, glitter! I LOVE GLITTER! Glitter, shimmer, glimmer, I love em all. I once bought a gal's entire listing of Art Institute glitters from SCS for $300 cuz I couldn't just pick only a few colors. Yup, I'm slightly addicted to glitter, glimmer mist, Stickles, distress glitters, Perfect Pearls, Pearl Ex, Lumiere, Inka Gold, etc...... If it shimmers or glitters or shines, I've got it. :-)

  3. I grew up eating MW, but since I've been out on my own, I only use real mayonnaise.

    Glitter? I have LOTS of it, but you can't use it for OWH, so it's kinda not on my radar much. I do like the Wink of Stella markers, though. :)

  4. Not a Miracle Whip person sorry but GLITTER, I am so there. I love glitter and add as much as possible without becoming overwhelmed. I love any bright and shiney thing - ahhh my precious. I also love the twinkles H2O's and silks etc. if I had a blog the colours and sparkles would probably blind the neighbourhood.

  5. While MW has its tangy reputation that leads to a wholesome disagreement on its use and inclusion in various and sundry recipes, glitter is an abomination to the extent that it has been dubbed the herpes of the craft world. MW does not migrate. MW understands the limitations and doesn't go without invitation. Glitter can't keep to itself. It attacks things that have no interest or business hosting glitter. It sneaks out in the dark and comes to light at the worst possible moment - like on the nose of a kitteh or the backside of the old and infirm at a doctor's visit. It should be quarantined before it harms the universe.

  6. I forgot to say I love your card.

  7. EXACTLY the inspiration I need on a day like today!! Well, at least the glittery stuff. ;)
    It's been a very long time since tasting either Miracle Whip or Mayo ... so I'll have to get back with you on that topic whenever tuna or egg salad manage to make a kitchen showing here.

  8. Whoa you need to let that baby shine, shine SHINE! It's glorious. What's Miracle Whip?

  9. Syd got polarized once. Kitty Glitter, you know.... I put him out on the back porch for a few days, and he's fine now.

  10. Syd got polarized once. Kitty Glitter, you know. . . I put him out on the back porch for a few days. He's fine now...

  11. Love glitter, hate MW. How did you get the glitter on that glorious dahlia?

  12. Adding bling is so therapeutic. However, I have trouble controlling loose glitter - that is, I'm better with Stickles, Wink of Stella or Perfect Pearls. Loose glitter seems to end up everywhere; turning up months later on everything from the good china to the furnace filter. Miracle Whip is only for a bologna sandwich. Mayo for everything else. Your card is fun, as is the rest of your post.

  13. WOW!!! Just Stunning Lydia... of course I LOVE the BLUE.... I can do loose glitter in small batches.... but I have no talent with stickles and such. I have to admit I prefer Dazzling Diamonds over glitter....

    My hubby grew up with Miracle Whip in the home, so that's what we have.... I don't use too much of MW or Mayo, but I love my Ketchup.... stop... even on

  14. Glitter good, Miracle Whip baaaaaaaaaad.
    And your card is gorgeous!

  15. Lydia,
    I love your stunning card! My cards tend to be clean and simple (i like most things preppy and classic style with a little hippie vibe thrown in sometimes). l DO love glitter and a little bit of bling but I view it as an accessory on my cards and sometimes I forget to accessorize! If I take the time to think about adding glitter to a card, I'll use it. But, if I need to make a quick card, I forget that I have a glitter stash in my craft room closet. Some of my glitter was given to me from YOU when you had a blog contest a few years ago. Maybe you are surprised that I still have some of the glitter left...

    Regarding mayonnaise, I grew up on Hellmann's which I used to love because that's what my mom always bought and that's all I ever knew. I recently found out that my dad prefers Miracle Whip which I don't think I ever knew about him when I was younger. My parents have been divorced since the 1980's so this new revelation explains a lot. Now I am wondering if their divorce papers mention "irreconcilable differences due to mayonnaise"...

    Well, I must run off to my craft room now--time to make a card with your glitter today! Maybe I'll even post it on insta next week!

    Wishing you grace, peace, and glitter today,

    P.S. You are one of my favorite blog writers

    1. Forgot to give you my opinion of miracle whip: Yuckie.
      My husband and I rarely use mayonnaise now since its not particularly healthy, but I keep Hellmann's on hand for our house guests.

  16. Gorgeous card! I LOVE glitter! My dream is to open a glitter factory.! No fooling - it really is. I have oodles of glitter colours. Now, I have to say I don't always bring it out to play because it is a trifle free spirited and tends to get everywhere including on my kitties fur and on my husband who has had glitter on his face pointed out to him at work lol. But that is where glitter glues and pens come in handy. Miracle Whip? Direct opposite! Do not like it. At all. I will not be building a Miracle Whip factory:-) Thanks and I love your blog - so inspiring and funny! Hugs!

  17. Okay, not a fan of Miracle Whip and while I love the look of glitter I tend to not use it very often because I am spastic and end up with it all over me and my craft area. I save it for special occasions.

  18. Sorry, Lydia, but I grew up on Miracle Whip and now DH and I use Miracle Whip Light!! I do LIKE glitter, but I make a lot of cards of OWH, so I rarely use it. I often find a card that would be perfect for OWH, but realize it has a little glitter on it. I do need to find an organization that accepts cards with glitter because I have more than a few glittered cards to donate. :-)

    Susan, aka Soozie4Him on SCS
    moot96 AT aol DOT com

  19. I'm all for glitter.

    I'm not for everyone shortening Miracle Whip to MW, my initials. It makes me feel both loved and hated to read the comments about me here. :P

  20. Love glitter, but my Wink Of Stella Clear pen gets a lot more use then loose glitter probably because I end up with glitter everywhere other than on the card! Hate Miracle Whip. We use Hellman's or Trader Joe's Coconut Oil, try it! It's amazing in most of the places you use mayo or butter. Love your card!


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