Saturday, June 21, 2014

Enjoying The Fiddly Bits

Normally, I do not enjoy making boxes, cards with funky folds, etc. I much prefer that blank canvas of a pure white FLAT piece of paper. My mind works in that size & dimension best.

However, I have been lured to the dark side by those adorable pop-up card boxes. I had my class today and that is what we made - and I have never had so much fun making something with a bunch of little fiddly bits. I was SQUEEing when I was putting the flingy things on there - and I had to squee quietly because it was late at night and I was the only one awake.

This thing is EASY and fun. I can't believe (even though I've made two now) that the darn thing folds flat and goes into an envelope - seriously - FLAT. Crazy, man. Just crazy.

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The tutorial is for a larger box than mine, but I used the alternate measurement below the main tutorial for one that fits in an A2 envelope. There are two versions that will fit in an A2 - one like mine, and a cute squatty one. The butterflies are from Best of Butterflies with the butterfly punch, and the bird punch for the leaves. The greeting is from Hi There, with the small scallop punch. The base of the box is Basic Black and I used Back to Black DSP - some of the girls alternated the patterns on their boxes and those were ADORABLE.

We had a ball making these together. Love starting my weekend crafting with my ladies.



  1. I'm so thankful that we overcame the 'tab' issue! Your card is gorgeous and I'm so glad your group had so much fun!!!

  2. I did these with my class last month and they loved them (after they got over the initial panic). I have someone in my group, originally from NZ, who calls them fiddly bits.

    Love the black and white.

  3. Beautiful box card. I have been thinking of doing one of these as I have a friend in America who is fighting cancer in the brain. Living in Australia I find postage to America astronomical so thought I should send a really special card to him. He loves flowers so was thinking along the line of a box card full of flowers. Time to go to my craft room and give it a go I think.

  4. Fell in love with these a while ago and have made quite a few now, improving each time. Yours is gorgeous - you still kept your uncluttered look. I think my favorite was one I made with some punched out photos from the past - photos of the birthday girl receiving the card. It was like a memory scrapbook card in a box. I am eternally grateful to the person who made the tutorial, especially when adding the A2 envelope size directions!

  5. What a great card! I've wanted to try one of these now for a while but have been too intimidated to do so. I'm one of those people who always gets my measurements off by a mm and it throws everything out of whack. LOL

  6. Oh, Lydia, love your version with the "fiddly bits" !!! LOL, the A2 size is perfect for my group of card makers and they too had a blast with them, and plan to make more with different themes. Hope to get back to more time on SCS real soon - I miss all the flurry of activity, but the cataract surgery I am having late July, and early Aug. should only keep me from it for a short while!! Thrilled with this card!!


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