Sunday, April 13, 2014

Cutting Glass With Fire

I just realized I forgot to tell you about my glass cutting experiment.

I had watched a bunch of videos on how to cut wine bottles with twine and acetone and fire and wanted to try it myself.

So out into the backyard I went, with a bucket, an empty wine bottle (look - if you're gonna make an omelet, you gotta break a couple eggs), some twine and some pure acetone.

I diligently followed the instructions of the numerous YouTube wine bottle cutting people and got to the dramatic moment when the fire goes out and you dunk the bottle and.... NOTHING.

These YouTubers tell you to tie the twine around the bottle (wrapping a few times - I had maybe four wraps), then slip it off, dunk it in acetone, slip it back on (which is nigh onto impossible), light it on fire, spinning the bottle while it burns, and then plunge it into water when the fire goes out. Supposedly the bottle breaks cleanly at the twine.

I'm not sure if these people actually live inside vacuums where there is no oxygen or what, but when I did this, the acetone dried INSTANTLY - by the time I got it back on the bottle, there wasn't enough left on the twine to burn the twine for longer than a few seconds, so the bottle didn't get hot enough to break in water.

So I did it my way.

Loop twine around the bottle so that your twine line is four or five twine widths high. Make it perfectly level or you'll have a wonky candleholder. Then, quickly pour acetone all over the twine, soaking it. Holding the wine bottle over the bucket of water, light the twine on fire, and constantly rotate the bottle so that the fire is moving all the way around the bottle. I did all of this outside.

The second the fire is out, dunk it in the bucket of water and BOOM - you hear a satisfying little plink and you have a gorgeous, outdoor candleholder which the wind will not affect! I love mine, and light it every afternoon when I go outside to color. You can sand the edges if you need to. And the bottom makes a cute little dish/candleholder too. So there you go Tania - sorry I forgot to post this!

Also, I bear no responsibility for you setting your face on fire or otherwise injuring yourself while doing this :).

Here it is with an old candle I made in one of my classes. 

And here's what I do after I light the candle:

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More fun with Country Morning and Derwent Inktense. They go together like peas and carrots.

Or like Lennon & McCartney. Tell me if this video is not the coolest thing you've seen all week! Snagged it from my friend Ilene's Facebook page.

Born to be together. :)


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  1. How cool. I can imagine how you looked doing this technique.
    Thanks for sharing.


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