Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Life Is Like a Box Of...

Don't finish that sentence.

I have issues with it.

Here's why: when you open a box of chocolates, you DO know what you're gonna get. You're gonna get chocolate. There's even a little map on the bottom telling you which is which. And if you're over five years old, you darn sure know that a pink swirly means raspberry filling, a white swirly means coconut, etc. Seriously. Have the people that wrote that line ever even HAD chocolate??

In actual fact, life is like a box of avocados.

With an avocado, you really DON'T know what you're going to get. You do the best you can at the store with those black, bumpy balls of mystery. You choose only the ones with the perfect squeezability, shiny, healthy skin. You do spells and incantations as you bag them up.

And $10 later, you get home, lovingly wash them, slice them open, and find out if you've won the 50/50 lottery or if you scream in terror at black, mysterious mess.

Such is the life of a Texican and self proclaimed avocado addict. You never know what you're gonna get. Part of the adventure.

Here's another #weloveDS card for our fabulous peeps in Demonstrator Support.

This card was a sample for my Everything You Can Do With Framelits part III class. We had tons of fun with different die cut inlay techniques and this was one of my faves. It features the banners framelits and the matching Perfect Pennants stamp set, which I use almost daily.

Love these colors together - Coastal Cabana, Bermuda Bay, Baked Brown Sugar, Soft Suede.

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You know what's like a box of chocolates? Demonstrator Support. I ALWAYS know I'm gonna get something sweet. :)



  1. oh, the annoyance of opening an avocado and finding brown or black instead of green!

    i learned that if you lift the little button of stem and see green, your avocado is not past its prime. if you lift it--in the store, not after you get home!--and find it to be brown, PUT IT BACK!

    the card is wonderful--the combo is one of my favorites! very creative, dear!

  2. WooooooHoooooooooooooooooooo!!! You are the Genius!!!

  3. The mystery of the paper strips is solved! Love it, AND DS.

  4. I'm ok with avocados because they are usually $1. It's honeydew melon that kills me. They are all heavy and look the same and there is no way, short of omniscience to have any clue of ripeness. I'd take a brown avocado over a $5 piece of fruit that resembles a cucumber more than a melon.

  5. Uhhh, are you spying on me...?? I just had this same rant with my sweetie and his kid yesterday morning. I cringe and rant every time I hear that phrase. I like your DS version better, it actually makes sense. BTW--I do so *love* the colors on your card, makes me think of being served chocolates, by a cabana boy, on the beach. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Yikes, I think my comment disappeared. Did it disappear, or is it just waiting for approval? Because usually I get a message if it's the latter, and I saw no message...


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