Friday, April 25, 2014

The Legulator #weloveDS

This morning, I was trying to use temperature legulation. You know - where you stick one leg out from under the blankets to give yourself the perfect balance of cool and warm.

This is infinitely more difficult with two feline leg weights. You have to be very careful and move slowly so that they don't freak out and shoot off at 80 miles an hour, which elevates your heart rate and makes it impossible to go back to sleep.

I don't know why someone hasn't invented the Legulator blanket that pops into my head every time this happens. The Legulator basically has a leg length buttonhole that you can pop your leg out of, so that you don't have the blanket awkwardly bunched around your exposed leg - instead, just an easy to use vent.

Get right on that, comforter industry - because no matter how hot it is, I like my down comforter.

I'm hosting today's Mix-Ability challenge on Splitcoast, and I thought it would be fun to play with crayons! There are three technique videos in the challenge post, and one of them is my Crayon Rubbed Embossing Video. But I decided to do a different spin on that. Here's a peek:

First I embossed a die cut butterfly (Beautiful Butterflies die) from watercolor paper, and then embossed it with my Alphabet Press embossing folder. Then I unwrapped a yellow crayon (which was kind of a pain - they put adhesive all over them now so it's impossible to cleanly unwrap them) and rubbed the side of the crayon all over the raised letters on the butterfly.

You need to really saturate the raised area with color if you're going to do what I did, which is to use my Aquapainter and Tempting Turquoise reinker and watercolor all the debossed areas.

I wanted to use color because I'm so used to seeing white crayons used for a resist, but rarely color.

So this is today's #weloveDS card - what do you think?

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My downline and I have a little surprise for the Demonstrator Support group on Monday, and man is it ever hard to keep a secret! :)

Wish I could buy them all Legulators!!

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  1. :) It can get surprisingly warm with 2 feline legwarmers!

    Super pretty card! Love your resist twist using a colored crayon! I am off to check out the challenge.

  2. Invent this legulator immediately and I will buy one! But wait, what if the felines discover the opening and burrow? Could be a problem.

    And I might need to try this color resist technique. LOVE the idea!

  3. Lovely card.At least I got the brayer right:) I see no pink curlers or tp was Thanks for sharing and will give this a try.Hoping today or the next day.Have a happy crafty day:)xo

  4. Oh. My. GOSH!!!! Lydia, I follow your blog every. single. day .....but rarely comment. Sorry. :-/ I just HAD to comment today because I have said a million times that I want a blanket with a big button hole for my leg!! I've never heard anyone say that they do this. LOVE IT!! Maybe we should go into business together? haha!!! Have a great weekend and thanks for always providing such great inspiration and humor!!

  5. Hah! Temperature Legulator - The blanket idea is awesome because I too, am always sticking a foot or leg out - usually AFTER fighting the cat to get clearance! Still trying to figure out the nifty trick my 3 pound cat has of increasing her body weight 10 fold when she is sleeping and doesn't want to be disturbed!

    Your card is gorgeous and now I have something else to do with my box of crayons!

  6. OH LYDIA! You are so much fun! I love sticking my leg out the side of my down quilt, wish i had feline leg weights again. I like your card! Hopefully i will get a chance2get out my crayons soon!


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